vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


20. Chapter 17



"good morning Zayn" Liz said and sat beside me . "Good morning. You wake up early today." I said to her and pick my phone on the coffee table and unlocked it. "Oh yeah it's early and you too you woke up early today huh." She said and I cen feel her eyes looking at me like burning me. "I didn't sleep" I said  "oh you look strange today and you look good,stronger, and and" she pause and I look at her and "your eyes they're all black" I turn around "oh it's nothing don't mind it" I didn't know what's happening to me but last night when I layed her at her bed. I smelled something sweet like chocolates, so I followed the smell and found a girl at the street and have a scratch "what happened?" I ask her but in a calm tone "I slip and then I got this scratch" she said and she's trying to get up but she can't "here let me help you" I said and reach for her hand so she put her hand on my hand and I help her to stand up then we sat on the bench beside the street " Hey you're Zayn Malik? Right?" She ask me "yeah" I said and look at her scratch then I touched it and she flinched "oh sorry" I said and I looked at her and stare at her eyes then I attack her and suck her blood that sweet taste that red liquid that sweet smell. Then I carry the girl and bring her at the dump side and I take out my cigarette and my lighter and lit  my cigarette then the lighter throw it at the girl and watch her burn.

Then when Im walking home the wind through me then I smelled another sweet smell. I followed it and found two girls walking drunk. I grab the girl with blonde hair and snap her neck and suck her blood, then the girl with blonde hair too grab her she looked confuse and I snap her neck and suck her blood. Then I run home. I run upstairs and to my room, I open my bathroom door and take off my clothes then I go to shower. 

*Back to the present* 


"Are you ok Zayn?" Liz ask me again "yeah, Im ok don't mind me" I said to her a little bit annoyed. Then I hear a footsteps "Louis awake now" I said looking at the big window beside me "but Louis is not even coming out of his room." She said then we heard and light bang door and then Louis walking down stairs. "Your very strange Zayn. Your hearing is more stronger than before" Liz said "good morning you two" Louis said then sit on the lounge chair. Then I heard Brianna said "bloody hangover" while walking down stairs. "Oh dear Brianna you want medecine, tomato juice, or something you can eat? I'll be your nurse today" said Louis and run beside her and carry her and sat her on the lounge chair.  "How sweet" Liz said and look at me then I turn away. "Harry and Liam are awake now" I said and then we heard Harry and Liam's doors bang then they walk down the stairs. "Oh how-- did ? You? How?" Louis said ask me confused "I never saw you good looking Zayn. Like I mean yes you're hot and sexy and beautiful. Not like the eyebugs under your eyes becomes lighter your skin looks like more softer and smoother and your your muscles they're not even like that big and flex" Louis said then look me into my eyes then he gasp "are you drinking human bloods?" He ask me then Brianna and Liz gasp "what's happening here" Liam said coming from the kitchen with Harry "Tell me Zayn are you drinking a human blood?" Louis said and stand up and pin me to the wall "TELL ME!" He yell and his eyes turn to red and his sharp teeth came out and his veins under his eyes came visible "SPEAK, TELL ME!" He yell again and I don't feel anything. No pain no just nothing "hey Louis stop" Liam said "TELL ME, TELL US THE TRUTH ZAYN!" He yell again then I move my hand and grab his hand using vampire speed then bring it on his back "you want the truth" I said in a calm straight tone "lt night I smelled a sweet smell then I followed it and found a girl and suck her blood. Then I found another 2 girls and suck their bloods too. Now that's the truth" I said to them then I heard them saying "Zayn stop it you're hurting him" Brianna said "zayn please stop it." Liz said then Someone grab me then I look to the side and saw Niall and Harry holding me then someone injec then it went all black.


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