vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


18. Chapter 15 (Club part 2)



"lemon drop martini cocktail please" Monika said "I'll go with Tequila Tres Sombreros" I said to the bartender "good choice m'lady" he said and winks weird "hey she's ours" Nathan said "oh ok" the bartender said awkward "her order is our order" Max said and pointed at me "ok gentlemen 6 shots of tequila" the bartender said. "So let's go and dance" Monika said "sure sure" I said I love to dance . 




"AYE ! PARTY PARTY!" said/yells the Dj and the crowd cheer and go crazy and louder "Zayn why don't you join us?"Liz ask while dancing "you know Im not good at dancing, right?" I said while drinking my beer. and then Liz walk away while dancing with Niall. ohh weird. then I saw Louis and Brianna  dancing while taking shots of tequila. I approach them and "hah! LOSER I win" said Louis "NO! I win" Brianna protest "what cha two doing?" I ask the two "we're plain a game" said Brianna "what kind of game?" I ask again in a confuse face. "you see we're dancing. right?" said Louis ask me but in a explanation tone. "uhuh. yeah" I said and take a sip of my beer.  "Well while we're dancing we're taking shots . If you drink it straight without spill on your face, clothes or on the floor while dancing, you win" Louis explain to me while grinning.  "but if you spill even a one drop you lose" Said Brianna.

"oh, how can you know that Louis or you spill a one drop of tequila?" I ask them confused.  "you forget something about us." said Brianna and smirk at me "we are vampires remember?" Louis said and laugh at me. "oh I forgot sorry." I said and laugh. "ok see you later guys, Im going at the bar to get more drinks" I said while looking around " ok have fun" they said in unison. I reach the bar and I sit down. "is that Zayn malik!?" squeal the girl with blonde hair 'oh god no not again' I thought to my self. this is the second time I got recognize here. " oh girl there you are" said the girl with short brunette hair. "let's go home" said the girl to the blond haired girl. "oh thank god" I whispered to my self."Excuse me cocktail please' I said to the bartender girl infront of me "what kind of cocktail sir?" said the bartender "anything" I said and look for Liam while Im sitting on the high chair of the bar. Then I saw Liam talking to a girl. I take my phone out and text Liam.


To: Liam 

hey who's that girl? she's fit mate.


and I press sent thenb I saw Liam looking around maybe looking for me. 'hey here at the bar' I said to him through mind, and he look at my direction and I smirk at him.


From: Liam

she;s my high school friend.

I know right :D


I look at him and smirk. "Sir here's your cocktail" said the bartender and winks at me. then she gave me a paper with a phone number. I think that's her phone number then she whispered at me and I shivered at the smell of her blood that sweet smell.

and I look at my right and saw a girl look familiar to me even thou her back is facing me. That long red hair is familiar to me fair skin. oh wait "hey" I said a little bit shy she turn around to me and smile "hey zany" she said a little bit shy too. "what's your name?" I ask her " I know you know my name" she said and she laugh, that laugh makes my world flip. "how did you know that I know your name?"I ask her in a shock face and a surprised tone. "I heard you talking with Harry" she said and smile, that smile. "uh, excuse me but dre Im going to dance. see you later" the girl said with a long brown hair "go girl, have fun" Abi said and look at me again "who is that? your sister?" I ask her "no, she's my bestfriend Monika" she said and smile at me and take a sip of her drink.

"I thought she's your sister" i said and laugh "werewolf or human?"i ask in a calm tone "werewolf, and you're a vampire right?" she said ask me "yeah, right" i said and take a sip of my cocktail. "sorry to disturb your 'MOMENT' but I need to talk to Abi" nathan said i look at him give him a death stare. "ok, see ya around abi" I said to abi and smile then I walk away. 


then i saw Monika on the corner staring at me I walk towards her and i said "what?" "I know you who you are and what you are. I know you are a singer and 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world" she said in a serious tone "but if you break her heart I will kill you using a STICK and stab you" she said in a strong voice . my eyes wide open "ok, we're not dating yet, YET. but I promise if we're dating I'll love her and never hurt her." I said in a positive voice. "good. and one more thing Nathan is in your way she loves Abi too." she said and walk away. "wait , uhmm can you give this to Abi. please" i said and give her the paper where I wrote my phone number . "sure,sure why not" she said and smile then walk away.


'where are you mate' Liam said in my mind 'going out at the bar' i said 'oh good can you take Liz in your car? because she's drunk we're going home now' he said 'louis,brianna,grace and harry are drunks too' he said 'how about their car?' i ask him 'we will get it tomorrow' he said 'ok wait me at my car' i said to him 'ok' he said.


once i reach my car i saw liam carrying liz. 'here you go mate let's go home.'ok lets go" i unlock my car and Liam get her in. then he close the door. i open the engine and i drive away. then once we're at the house I carried Liz at her room and take off her shoes and and i cover her body with the duvet. "goodnight liz" I said and kissed her at the forehead.

then i close the lights and i got out of her room. i run to my room and change my clothes to pajamas. then i turn off my lamp and i sleep.



hey cupcakes :D hope you liked this chapter whoo. i wrote this at my notebook and rewrite here hehe

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