vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


14. Chapter 11

Sorry i haven't updated im so sorry . Im super busy last week .

so here's the chapter 11 .


Harry's POV


I saw a pussy I-I mean cat on the other side of the lake. Ohhh it's so FLUFFY ! 

Then a girl came but i only see her back nice back huh i thought. She have a brunette hair. A beautiful brunette hair. 

I run above the water to reach the other side of the lake. I reached the lake and many cats appear "ohh cats,i love cats" i said then the girl turn aroun. She's so pretty "oh you like cats too?" She asked "yep i like cats. So is this all yours?" I asked i saw a black and white cat it has a blue eyes on the left and yellow eyes on the right "cool" i said "yep this is all mine" she said "the cat with blue and yellow eyes is cool" i said "oh you're right she's my favorite" she said "so what's your name love?" I asked "Grace, my name is Grace." She said the. We sit on the ground while the cats are around us. "My name is Harry Styles. Nice to meet you Grace" i said and she shook my hand. "Hey i know you. You're in the famous boyband right?" She asked "yep well your right" i said "so you're not fangirling right now incredible" i added " well im holding it in" she said and we laugh "so where is your house?" I asked "there" she points at my back and i saw a cabbin just for 1 person "so you are living alone with cats?" I asked "yup but my brother's house is at the other side of the lake" she said "ohh do you believe in vampires?" I asked "no but my brother do" 

We talk and talk until 12 noon 

'hey hazz where are you?' Louis asked me through mind 'at the lake' 'huh you're not here' "Grace uhmm wait I'll just call my friend" i said "yeah sure" she said i get up and i shout "BOOBEAR HERE!" I sout and wave my hand "OH THERE YOU ARE" Louis said "COME HERE" i said then he run above the water. "So let's go home" he said "woah wait i need you to meet my friend Grace" i said "ohh is she beautiful? Is she loud or sassy?" He asked "well she's kind, and yes she is beautiful" i said we walk until we reach Grace "Grace meet my bestmate Louis" i said. She stood up and said "hi Louis Im Grace,nice to meet you" "Im Louis Tomlinson the LEADER, nice to meet you too" Louis said "so Grace we need to go home, so see you tomorrow?" I said/asked 

"ok Hazz, see you tomorrow" she said i hug her and kissed her cheek. I look at her for the last time and saw her blushing "BYE GRACE SEE YA" Louis said while we're walking away. We run and go home . We meet with the lads and the girls .




sorry it's short .

i'll update more later byee

iloveyou cupcakes

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