vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


13. Chapter 10




I woke up around 7 am and now im making breakfast for boys and girls. Well yesterday was kinda sad day because of What happened to Brianna's family. Now I'm cooking pancakes bacons and carrot soup for us. I flip the last pancake and now for the bacons i got 2 packs of bacon for us. Then I fry them . Then I finished frying the bacon next is the carrot soup. While im cutting the carrots i get the butter, onion, chicken stock, small potatoes and a 60ml Double cream. While im waiting to the soup to finished and already to eat i have 45 minutes to set the table so i grab 7 plates and put them on the table and grab the 6 spoons and 7 forks and place them at the right of the plate and grab 7 soup bowls and put them at the tip of the spoon and get the glass  and put them at the tip of the forks. *DING* the timer went off. It means the carrot soup are now ready and now its 8:50 am i turn off the stove and i get the pancakes and place them at the plates and get the bacons and place it at the plates. 

And i get the soup and them at the soup bowls. And i grab some apple juice,orange juice and  water for the drinks. Then it's already 9:00 am . Then i heard Brianna mumbled something "what's that smell is that carrots" then i heard her steps getting louder and louder then i saw her. Her eyes are half closed then messy hair but still looks so pretty. I smiled at her and "good morning Bri. Hows your sleep?" I greet and asked her "good morning harry. Well it's good" she answerd and smile. Then i saw Liza at her back .

i smiled and "good morning Liz" i said and "good morning haz. I smell pancakes" she said "girls sit down and have a breakfast" i said and they all nooded and sat down. Then i saw Niall and Louis walking downstairs "good morning BooBear i cooked your favorite carrot soup" i said "good morning hazza . Well thank you. And you're in a good mood. I think" he said than i smiled at him then "i smell bacons and pancakes and HONEYS" Niall said "have a seat boys and have some breakfast" i said then i saw Zayn half sleep "hey sleepy head good morning. Go get some breakfast now" i said and smile. Then he sat down . Then "THIS IS DELISH" [delish means delicious] Niall shouted "good morning boys and girls" Liam walk in "good morning" we said in unison. 

*20 Minutes later*

"who will wash the dishes?" Louis asked "let's play rock paper scissor" Brianna said "GAME ON" i said 

"ROCK PAPER SCISSOR" we yell unison Liz:paper Bri:paper Me:scissor Lou:rock Ni:rock Zay:Paper Li:Paper "again" i said "ROCK PAPER SCISSOR" we yell again "paper beats rock Louis" Liz said "well Im rock to" me Zayn and Niall said in unison "well Liam is paper to. So you four boys need to play again" Brianna said "game" we said "rock paper scissor" we yell "a hahaha we win" i said "yeah yeah you all win ok i'll wash the dishes" Louis said "don't worry Carrot prince. I'll help you" Brianna said "oh i smell INLOVE here" i said then Liz smack me at the back of my head "don't tease them Harry. Look Bri and Lou are now blushing" Liz said "you make them more blush Liz" Zayn said "no Zaynie im trying to stop Harry teasing them" Liz said "well im not teasing them. And don't you have a thing for Zayn?" I asked "no i don't" she said and look away "woah woah" Zayn said  "it's true is'nt? You have a feeling for him." I said grinning "i don't have Harry and atleast im not like 'HARREH GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVEYYY' " she said while doing some funny faces "well im not like your ex boyfriend like 'PLEASE COME BACK TO ME IF NOT I'll JUMP OFF THE BRIDGE'" i said then we laugh. "We're finish" Louis and Bri yell "woah we did'nt see that coming" Liam said. "So who wants some bloods?" Zayn ask "we" we said

we run outside and use our vampire speed . We ran and ran until we reach the woods.

"so we will meet here at 12 noon. If you have found like us said to me" Liam said being daddy direction "yes daddy" we said 

i ran to my left and i climb at the tall tree. I climb till the top and jump at the trees. Then when i reach the Lake i can't believe what i saw. 





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so here it is the chapter 10.


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