what love feels like

A youn girl who was called Janet ... Who had ben abused in many different ways


1. my sorry life

SmoJANET's P.O.V I was daddys little girl that was until my mother past away . My daddy remarried but for some reason mrs.eziy did not like me and because she didn't like me daddy wasn't nice me anymore .he hit me but for good reasons like I startrd liking boys & I had my first period and I didn't wanna have Sex with his weed man mostly stuff like that . Mrs. eziy is The reason why b.t.w mrs.eziy is my step mom we don't Get a long very well. Me and Stephanie get along fine but There mean to her to.Stephanie is mrs.eziy's older girl. Latrce her sister is the one they adore she well do any Thing it makes me sick that they would do that to her She's only six . Mrs. eziy i makes me sick she is i wouldn't Wish her on my worst enemy but i got her . I can't stay here anymore i need to leave but I have nowere to go.I can't sleep Here knowing daddy dose drugs and he'll sell me for a dime bag of coke or weed and beat me amd call me a slut for going forgetting he sold me but he's to high To remember . I had my first bf at 15 I thought he would be there when he was just like my mother told me for sex he thought i would fuck anyone thart i got my hands on cause he knew my story hate him hope I never have to go through that again he made me give up onI was always picked on in school cause I hade big boobd in the 4th grade that's why everyone Thinks im a slut i act like it didn't hurt though it did i was stil finding myself i tryed being a bad girl I tryed being a dirty girl and being a good girl it didn't work.
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