what love feels like

A youn girl who was called Janet ... Who had ben abused in many different ways


2. my lust

janet p.o.v 

I finily get to leave this hell hole.my best friend omar takes me to get fake Ids so we could  go to some night club in  long beach c.a (: . were here so we meet up with jesica &angel we go to the bar and that  when i seen him with  his beautiful  big brown eyes  and his cute quif   (his hair) he looked up but looked right back down  i wasn't sure  if he looked at me.i let omar talk me into going over and talking to him. but he talks to me befor i can say any thing he looked up at me and says hay beautiful . i look up smile and say hi h-he made me fell diffent than any other guy.

zayn's p.o.v 

she was so beautiful  her long not cruly but wavy hair i could tell her heels were killing her. i look her and smile and ask her name she replys janet thats a pretty name i say she she chukels and says what is yours  zayn i reply nice she smiles and says  she made me fell diffent like a warm felling  you wanna get out off here sure but  i can't leave omar like that she replyed  my hart got  heavy honistly i was hert who is omar i thought .when she says he is the one who told me to come over hereim glade i did. im glade you come to i reply. she says fuck it i'll go i'll just text him lets goi reply 

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