Things take a drastic turn, when Charlie Michaels decides that, despite her parents wishes, moving out is what she wants. Not just out of her Family home, but out of her hometown. Even when it's just been two weeks since her best friend was murdered.
As she starts to believe her best friend was hiding more secrets than she thought, she comes closer and closer to finding out who or maybe what killed her.


3. No sleep. No food. Just books and boxes.

The night had been horrible. The moving van with all the big, bulky furniture was only scheduled to arrive end of the week and sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of my new bedroom had been a much better idea in theory.
The sunlight floods the kitchen as I try to find my instant coffee in one of the 13 boxes stacked around.

I check my phone. No new messages.
After sending my parents an elaborate text about eventually having settled in okay, I half expected at least half a dozen calls by morning from my Mom.
11:14 am. If I manage to find a couple towels and soap fast enough, I could grab a shower before meeting Jordan for coffee.
Thinking of him made me blush and my heart beat faster at the same time.
What was it with this guy. Shows up alone and out of nowhere, which should've been enough to send some red flags flying. But no, I go ahead and let him carry my personal things into my apartment without even knowing his name and now I'm meeting up for coffee with him?!

Julie would be proud of me. She used to say, I needed to trust people more. That not all people are bad.
Books have clouded my judgment. Especially when it comes to men. Julie and Carter were the closest thing I came to with a "relationship". I can just never picture anyone liking me for me. Julie was a blond, slim, hazel eyed girl with the most welcoming smile I have ever seen, so it's obvious why guys went for her.
I on the other hand, am a brown haired, average built, misty blue eyed girl who reads a lot.
Also, as anyone who knows me can confirm, I like to read into everything.
For all I know, Jordan is just a nice neighbor that loves coffee.

After spending over 15 minutes looking for my shower stuff and trying to settle on what to wear, I get to the café just after noon in jeans, chucks, a Foo Fighters T-shirt and damp hair. The hairdryer was, of course, in that one box I threw into the moving van last minute without thinking.
I join the back of the line and check out the menu on the wall behind the counter. I jump as I hear a loud shriek coming from two girls behind me.
"Oh my god , Sara, look! I told you!" The shrieking girl says to another. I turn slightly to watch the second girl, Sara, adjust her blond ponytail and the other get all red in the face. "You did tell me he'd be here, Carrie. Everyday at noon, like clockwork." Sara says. "Aren't you glad I made you come get coffee with me?" Carrie giggles.
"Have you even said anything to him before?" Sara asks. "Of course I have!" Carrie says quickly.
"Alright and where was that?" Sara asks in disbelief, crossing her arms across her chest. "At the station. He took my statement when my mom had that car accident a couple weeks ago." The other answers matter of factly.
"He's coming over. Don't look. Just act super casual, okay?" Sara says quickly, fixing her ponytail again.

I turn my gaze back to the menu as the girls swoon over the approaching cop.
"One step ahead of you." I hear Jordan's voice beside me. He hands me a coffee with a koi smile.
I slowly take the coffee and frown at him.
"Oh yeah, the uniform. I forgot." he laughs. "It's almost like a second skin."
"You're a cop." I say softly, not trying to draw attention. "I know." he says equally as soft.
I shake my head. "Sorry, it's just - ..." I start but he cuts me off. "Not what you expected me to be?"
Smiling I step out of the line and watch the girls gaze at him with open mouths.

We sit down at a small table outside. "How come a Beacon Hills Deputy is living in a run down apartment complex and not a house or something?" I ask, taking a sip of coffee. Way too blunt, I think.
"I don't." He answers looking at his coffee and finally having a sip.
His answer takes me by surprise. What was he doing there then?
"I worked a case a couple weeks back and went by to check on the victim." he admits, meeting my gaze.
"Oh. Right." I feel stupid. "Do you check up on all of your closed cases?"
"Only the ones I care about." He shifts in his seat. "Yesterday, I visited a woman whose husband died in a car crash a month ago. Her two sons have had a bit of trouble wrapping their mind around their dads passing and I thought pizza and ice cream would be a good distraction."
I watch him in awe.
"Then I saw some crazy woman drop all her neatly stacked moving boxes and offered my help." He smiles.
"The good Samaritan." I toast with my coffee.

"So what's your story, Charlie?" He looks at me puzzled. "My story?" I ask confused. I don't really have one.
"Why did you move here? Beacon Hills of all places." He looks around and then back at me.
I press my lips into a tight line.

Because of Julie.

But I can't just tell him that. I haven't figured out that part myself yet. "Well, it's a bit complicated." I admit and set my coffee down on the very small table.
Just as I am about to begin, his intercom gives a loud crackling sound. "Parrish. Get to the station, ASAP!"
Jordan responds with a quick 'OK' and abruptly stands up.
"Looks like we're going to have to finish this conversation another time. Do you need me to drop you off somewhere?"
I shake my head. "I live just down the street, remember?"
He smiles and goes a slight shade of red. "Right. Of course."
I look down, smiling. "I'll see you around, Parrish."
"See you around." He looks back at me once more before disappearing around the corner.


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