Things take a drastic turn, when Charlie Michaels decides that, despite her parents wishes, moving out is what she wants. Not just out of her Family home, but out of her hometown. Even when it's just been two weeks since her best friend was murdered.
As she starts to believe her best friend was hiding more secrets than she thought, she comes closer and closer to finding out who or maybe what killed her.


1. Leaving Home

"You promised to take it slow, honey" mom cries after me, as I carry another box down the stairs. "I know, mom." I say for the hundredth time. "And you think this is taking it slow? Your father and I are worried about you, sweetie." she whines.

I roll my eyes, place the box in the trunk of my car and walk upstairs to get another. "No, mom, it's just you that's making a bigger deal out of this than it is." 

'George, please tell her she is being ridiculous. She can't do this." Mom walks past the stairs, shouting and into Dads office. 

He turns around, Cigar and this mornings Sunday newspaper in hand. "I think it's a great idea. She's gotta move on. And she can't exactly do that when you're around watching her every move now, can she, Donna?" 

I smile, carrying another box to the car. My Dad is always on my side. We're the same. We think the same.

"Okay, well then you have to promise me a few things." Mom caves. She takes my hands as I walk through the door and looks at me, head to toe. "You're the only baby I have, okay?" I can see tears forming in her eyes. "So look after yourself. And, and call us. At least every second day. Or everyday, if you like." She sniffs and wipes a few tears off her cheek. "And don't let anyone get to you." She sticks a warning index-finger out at me. I nod. "I promise." I hug her tightly, knowing it might be a little while before I get to hold her again. "Thanks." I whisper. 

My Dad nods at me from across the hallway. There's no need for a big goodbye. 

I get into the car, take one last look at the house that I grew up in and turn the key. The car roared to life and somehow sounded louder than it ever did. My Dad got me this car a couple months ago. 2009 Ford Ranger. My everything. I loved it to bits.

Julie and I squealed so loudly when we saw it sitting in the driveway. It was our ticket to freedom. 

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