Trying to Find the Real Me

What happens when your parents divorced when you were aged 5 and your dad gets custody of you? What happens when your dad goes to jail for reasons only your mum and you know of? What happens when 1D hit you with a car, you find out about a brother you never knew of and your father is released from jail early and is after you to kill you?
This all is happening to one girl called Delia(Delilah)-lee Blue and how will
One Direction help through all of this


3. The Accident

*one week after the fight*

I have recovered from my little fight with the queen of bitch's but sadly when she gets back at school which is tomorrow i have to live with her being around again yay (sarcasm). Right now i am walking home after school with my headphones on listening to Want U Back by Cher Lloyd, if your thinking why i am not listening to one direction its because i am not a directioner i dont even know there names or what they look like but anyway back to walking home. When i was about ten minutes away from my house, i was crossing the road i didn't notice a car coming, i got hit by a car and everything went black.

*Liam's POV*

The boys and i were heading home after being in a meeting with uncle si about the next album anyway we were nearly home when Lou decided to throw a joke in making everyone laugh including me who accidently swerved and hit something so i slowed down and pulled over with the boys screaming in my ear asking why we stopped but i didn't answer i just got out of the car to see what i hit. When i got out of the car i saw a girl laying on the ground with a blood puddle around her. "Boys someone call an ambulance please and do it now tell them it urgent," i yelled over to the boys which they just replied with a "ok" or "yep." I tried to get the girl to respond but she was repling so i look for a heart beat which was getting slower by the second but luckily the ambulance arrived.

The boys and i got in the car and drove to the hospital as fast as we could since the ambulance people didn't let any of us go with them. The boys were asking me questions but i was to deep in thought thinking of what has just happen and thinking why do i care so much about this girl when i have Danielle. We finally reach the hospital, i park the car and i jump out the car to run to the front desk. When i reach the desk the young lady maybe mid-twenties asked " how may i help you today?" "er i am here to see a girl that got hit by a car, she came in by ambulance?" I was questioning myself about this, "yes a girl came in only ten minutes ago Delia-Lee Blue," i nodded thinking that should be her," well i am sorry sir but you can't see her right now she is in surgery, so can you please wait in the waiting room." The boys and i went to got sit in the waiting room until the surgery was over.

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