Trying to Find the Real Me

What happens when your parents divorced when you were aged 5 and your dad gets custody of you? What happens when your dad goes to jail for reasons only your mum and you know of? What happens when 1D hit you with a car, you find out about a brother you never knew of and your father is released from jail early and is after you to kill you?
This all is happening to one girl called Delia(Delilah)-lee Blue and how will
One Direction help through all of this


1. Ready For A New Life

"Delia wake up already," my four year old brother yelled in my ear while jumping on my bed. "Disapper Jake, i only want five more minutes," i mumbled into my pillow. "No, mum told me to get you up know so get up." He is only 4 and already that demaning, "fine i am getting up so shoo," i said being defeaded by a 4 year old, how sad. After dragging myself out of bed to my own bathroom i took a quick shower doing the usual meaning shaving and washing but i thought today that my hair was pretty bad so i washed it. After my shower i dried myself then went to my cloest to see what i was going to wear today. I finally picked out what i was going to wear today which was light purple skinnes (skinny jeans), a white lacy top and white ballet flats. When i finished getting changed i started doing my thick dirty blonde hair into a side plait on the left to hind a scar on my neck that i have from when i was younger that i am highly self conscious about since it is a toachy subject when brought up. I did light natural makeup and started to head down stairs for breakfast.


When i got down the stairs i started smelling bacon, YES mums made bacon score. I got to the kitchen and grabbed the last plate of bacon and when to sit and the table with the rest of the family which was mum Jay, step-dad John, and twin step-brother and step-sister Jake and Hayley. There use to be another boy in the family who was my real brother no halfs or anything but when the divorce happened mum got custody of him then when mum remarried he took John's last name and still haven't been told what there last name is but I am fine with Blue until i marry. Apparently me and this brother of mine use to be best friends before the dirvore but when the dirvore happened we were seperated and i haven't seen him since he was 9 when the divroce happened, i wonder if he still remembers me. He's now apparently in this big boyband but i am never going to meet him so why should i care about him until then. The reason my real father isn't with my mum is they divorced when i was 5 and my dad get custody but know i am living with mum because dad got put in jail for the reasons only mum and me know of, so i am with mum until i am old enough to move out.

"Delia how did you sleep," John asked me, i don't call him dad because i cringe whenever i say or here the word dad. "Fine thank you, oh and thank you also  for paying for my room to be redecorated." "No problem anything for you  Delia." I smile and we ate breakfast in silence or well until Jake and Hayley finished but luckily i had finished breakfast so i could go to school know but i wasn't really looking to going to school since it was my first at this new school. "Bye everyone i am going to school," i yelled walking out the front door and getting replys of goodbyes from everyone.


I finally got to school with minutes to spare but i made it, i went to find the office which was easy. After i talked to the office lady i got given my time table and a map of the school but i think that it would be every easy to use it just looked really complicated so i threw it away.

I should have never thrown that map away because when i got to class only 5 minutes late i got a stupid 1 hour detention and that was only for being 5 minutes late to class and i am new i think i should have been let off but no the b***h of a teacher said that i had to go to the detention after school and no excuses. After that the teacher made me sit front and centre so che could make sure i actually do work GRRRR you teacher.

*skip school day*

Finally school was over including detention which was hell but getting off point i made one new friend Caitlin and she helped me all day making sure i wasn't late to anything and luckily she all classes with me which helped big time to. I was really tried from every class going up the front to introduce myself sometimes it was just to much but i got through it.


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