Trying to Find the Real Me

What happens when your parents divorced when you were aged 5 and your dad gets custody of you? What happens when your dad goes to jail for reasons only your mum and you know of? What happens when 1D hit you with a car, you find out about a brother you never knew of and your father is released from jail early and is after you to kill you?
This all is happening to one girl called Delia(Delilah)-lee Blue and how will
One Direction help through all of this


2. Mum's Rage and Getting Hurt



When i got home from school my mum came running from the kitchen to the living room which i had only just stepped into, hugged me tightly and asked "where have you been honey, i have been worried sick because you didnt answer any of my calls or messages." Oppies i forgot to tell her mostly likely should do it now otherwise she will find out another way which is bad especially if it comes from school," sorry i didnt call or text you why i would be late but please when i am speaking you do not freak out or but in until i am finish ok?" Mum just nodded "ok well i was late to class by five minutes and got a one hour detention for being late." "you got detention for being five minutes to class i fine that bull shit," mum then stormed to her room to cool of so i decide to watch a movie in my room until dinner is ready.

I was half way through the smurfs movie when mum called dinner was ready for everyone, so i paused the movie then went to the dinning room to eat with the family. When dinner was finished, i finished the smurfs said goodnight to the twins, mum and John, had a shower then went to bed ready for a another day of torcher tomorrow at school.

*next morning at school*

i got to school with like one minute to spare but made in time, all classes went fine until lunch came and the two bitch's came up to me (yes i already know who the bitch's after one day of being here) "hey slut how's life with your dad in jail?" How the hell does she know that my dad is in jail, "excuse me bitchh but how the hell do you know my dad is in jail and i am not the one who is tha slut here, that would have to be you!" "Whoa! For a girl as small as you, you have some colourful words there, oh and i have my ways of finding things out." Next thing i know i have her fist in my face oh bring it on!! After our little bawl getting seperated by teachers and getting sent to principle i get left with a broken nose and a black eye while miss bitchy pants got sespension for starting it.



authors note i know one direction arent in there yet but are about to be

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