(Please don't hate me for starting another fic. I had to do it. It just happened. I'm sorry. But it really is lovely)

Harry Styles has completely lost control of himself to partying, drinking, and girls. Being a member of One Direction has made him forget the things he loved, and most of all made him forget that he is capable of being loved. Simon Cowell is fed up with Harry's dirty antics and has come up with the perfect plan: Emily Sven. Emily is the founder of Kids Helping Kids, a charity that has teens and children helping kids in poverty. She's a perfect angel, exactly what Harry needs to fix his tarnished image. And Uncle Simon is presenting this plan in the form of an offer that neither are able to refuse.


2. Promises.

In which Harry makes many promises he knows he will break...


“Come on mate, it won’t be so bad. Just some public appearances and you’re all good.” Paul leaned over Emily and nudged Harry in the arm, snapping him out of his deep thoughts. 
    “No it will be private too. Apparently the boys aren’t in on this, so I have to bring her with me to hang out with them.” Harry hissed. If there was one thing that Harry Styles hated, it was being controlled. But he knew he really didn’t have a choice, Simon was simply presenting this to him as if it were a choice. Meanwhile, wedged in between to whispering men, Emily was feeling the sting of Harry’s words. 
    “Excuse me Simon, but I don’t see how this has anything to do with me. I’m sure you are perfectly capable of finding someone else to fit the role. I have bigger responsibilities and I don’t see how this has anything to do with a donation. Good luck with your plan; I won’t breathe a word of it to anyone.” And with that she stood up, squeezing past Harry, and much to his surprise, didn’t even give him a second glance. Harry wasn’t used to that. Usually women at least looked at him, but this girl didn’t seem the least bit interested. Maybe she was a lesbian. 
    “If you do this I will donate 60 million dollars to your foundation.” Simon breathed in a last and desperate attempt to get Emily to agree. He needed her. In his eyes, she was the only one who could save Harry from his downward spiral. You see, this whole charade wasn’t only to improve the public’s view of the one and only Harry Styles, but Simon genuinely worried about the boy. He wanted Harry to settle, and he knew that if anyone could tame the while Harry, Emily would be the girl to do so. 
    “60 million dollars.” Emily echoed, turning on her heel to face Simon again.
    “Please sit, Emily and we will discuss the details.” Simon was back to business. 

    Although Harry hated this plan, at least he didn’t have to keep it from the boys entirely. He would first go on a real public date with Emily, and try to get to know each other, and then he would bring her to the boys and he would explain it all to them. Or at least he would try to. He still couldn’t really wrap his head around it himself. What was he, Harry Styles doing being pushed around by his management and dating some frigid woman who probably hadn’t been laid in years because she was too busy coddling children from around the world. He knew he was being irrational and cruel towards her, but he couldn’t help it. He hated her because she was just a part of the grand scheme of controlling what he did with his life, and he was completely content with being a one night stand kind of guy, it was better than falling in love and getting hurt, like he always did. 
    Hey, I’m running a little bit late, pick me up at 12:30 instead of 12?~Emily x.
Harry growled at his phone. He really didn’t want to pick her up at all. 
    Meanwhile sitting at her desk, the clock showing 12 pm, completely not running late, Emily was having a panic attack. 
    “It’s okay. You can do this, Emily. Think of the kids. 60 million dollars. Think of the kids.” She whispered into her hands. 
    “You know, talking to yourself is usually a sign of insanity.” Emily’s head snapped up, her eyes searching for the source of the raspy voice behind her. 
    “I thought I told you to come at 12:30, Harry.” She stood up, smoothing down her shirt. Harry raised his eyebrows, observing the obvious effort she had put into looking good for him. Her long hair was pin straight and tied into a ponytail at the top of her head, traces of make-up visible. Her jeans hugged her in all the right places. 
    “You clean up nice.” He ignored her previous statement. 
    “Oh, well…thanks.” She blushed, not used to the male attention. It’s not that she wasn’t beautiful; it’s that most men were intimidated by her. She was 22, successful, and doing far more with her life than most people had accomplished by the age of 50. But Harry wasn’t fazed because as far as he was concerned she was just like everyone else. She would fall for his charm and his good looks, and then finally realized how fucked up he was and leave. So Harry promised himself that even if she was as great as everyone said, even if she was a complete and total angel, Harry would never fall for Emily Sven. Never. 

    “Harry! Who’s the new girl!” 
    “Is this Emily Sven?”
    “How did you manage to land her?”
    “Does this mean you’re finally settling?” The voices called out to Emily and Harry.
    “Emily, are you okay with Harry’s playboy ways?”
    “Are you aware that he had a redhead in his bed just two nights ago?” Emily lifted her gaze to Harry as he cleared his throat. He wasn’t sure why he cared so much, but the disdain in Emily’s eyes was making his heart drop. He felt something inside of himself wanting to please her, that even though he would never be good enough for her, that maybe he wasn’t as bad as everyone thought he was. That maybe he was capable of being loved. 
    “Emily, does this mean Ryan is out of the picture?” Emily flinched at the sound of her ex-boyfriend’s name. Harry finally let his eyes meet Emily’s, his eyebrows raised. Clearly the five minutes he had spent looking her up on his iPhone had not given him the information he had wanted. And from the look on her face, she wasn’t as innocent and up tight as she seemed. 
    “What? Just because I’m busy helping other people doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to let myself be loved. If that’s what you want to call that relationship anyways.” Emily whispered to Harry before flashing him a smile for the cameras. She was a better actress than she let on. There was an even bigger crowd of paparazzi in front of the small café that they had planned on going to, and it scared Emily. Harry felt her stop beside him, so he sighed, placing his hand on the small of her back.
    “I’ve got you.” He placed his lips next to her ear, letting the words tumble off of his tongue, “you’re safe.” He was surprised with how easily the words of comfort came to him; usually he would have just grabbed her and pulled her through the crowd. He frowned as her big green eyes looked up at him, blinking curiously a few times. 
    “Promise?” She smiled, almost looking like a small child. Harry gulped, nodding. He was finding it harder and harder to say no to this girl and he barely even knew her. He slid his arm further around her waist, tightening his grip around her, leading her through the swarm of cameras. 
    “Thank you.” Emily let out a sigh of relief once they were safely behind the doors of the café. 
    “No big deal.” Harry shrugged, showing her to a table, pulling her chair out for her. She smiled graciously at him before sitting down. Emily didn’t quite understand how someone as kind and charming as Harry could be such a problem to Simon. But she did know about the countless women, and the partying, and somehow it made sense that the man would use his cheeky smile to get him whatever he wanted. 
    “So how should we do this?” Emily mused, curiously, “how am I going to get to know my new boyfriend?” She giggled, absentmindedly twirling a strand of her ponytail around her finger. 
    “The question game,” Harry perked up, he loved games, “we go back and forth asking each other questions, and no matter what, we have to answer the honestly.” Emily raised an eyebrow before shrugging at her new companion. Harry was a little bit shocked, he thought she would put up a little bit of a fight or at least make some dumb girl rule like ‘nothing sexual’, but she hadn’t. She was okay with it all. Maybe she was cooler than he had previously thought. 
    “You go first. I’m terrible at coming up with questions.” She sighed, letting him take the lead. 
    “Alright. First things first, and most importantly, are you a virgin?” He grinned at her.
    “Nope.” She answered honestly, but not letting on anything else, “how many girls have you slept with, Harry?” She was actually very curious to know if the man was conceited enough to keep track. 
    “Honestly, I have no idea.” He ran his fingers through his hair, nervous as to what she was going to say.
    “Good, that would have been disgusting if you kept track. You’re not as full of yourself as you look, Styles.” She grinned at the fact that she had just referred to him by his last name. 
    Alright, Sven, how many people have you shagged?” He expected her to say the typical answer ‘oh just one Harry, I’m a good girl.’ But instead he watched as she closed her eyes, her lips barely moving as she attempted to recall the past men in her life. He blinked, making sure that what he was seeing was right, as she held up 7 fingers to him. 
    “I may be an angel, but I’m not a prude. Do you really like being in a boy band?” She smirked at the priceless expression on his face. 
    “To be honest, at first I thought it was the dumbest idea. I thought it would be so uncool to be in a boy band. But the lads are amazing, I love them all, and obviously I’m enjoying myself. Do you really like giving up all your time for charity work? Not that it’s a bad thing.” He added the last part in quickly, not wanting to offend her. 
    “I love it. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it, but nothing feels better than knowing that you’re really making a difference. I don’t need luxury, because my luxury is helping others. No matter how hard it is, how much sleep I’ve missed, if I’ve missed a couple meals, it will always be worth it to me. Because nothing is more beautiful than seeing a smile on a small child’s face just because I gave her a cheap plastic ring.” She looked at her hands blushing, surprised at how honestly she had answered the cocky man sitting in front of her. 
    “That’s beautiful, you know. I wish I was that selfless.” He whispered, taking her hand in his. She felt herself relax as his large hand enveloped hers. 
    “My turn. Why are you so afraid of love?” She lifted her eyes from their connecting hands. He gasped a little bit, taken aback by her forwardness. She had read him like a book in less than an hour, and it scared him. 
    “I’m not afraid of love. I just don’t believe in it.” He shrugged, suddenly feeling a tugging at his heart. He didn’t want to talk about himself anymore, “Who is Ryan?” He was actually really curious as to who this man was, the only thing that seemed to faze this seemingly unstoppable woman. 
    “My ex-boyfriend. We dated for 2 years. I have him everything. I made a lot of dumb decisions for him. I lost a lot of sleep making up for the work I missed from spending time with him. I didn’t know how to say no to him. And he didn’t know how to say no to other women. It turns out he had been cheating on me the whole time. And now he’s apparently settled down with another woman. He’s about to get married.” She finished her story, her voice settling to a soft whisper, tears burning the backs of her eyes. 
    “I’m sorry.” Harry didn’t know what to say, because he wasn’t used to dealing with emotions. Usually he ran the other way. He didn’t quite understand how someone could do such a thing to such a fragile girl. Sure, she came off as strong, but something about her was so innocent and weak. 
    “Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t enough, and if I’ll ever be enough for someone. I spend all my time trying to please everyone, making sure everyone is happy, yet I couldn’t make him happy, and I just don’t get it. I should have been enough.” She choked back a sob, not really understanding why it was so easy for her to open up to Harry. 
    “He’s an idiot. You’d be more than enough for anyone, and the one that you end up with will be the luckiest man alive. You’re beautiful, driven, successful, and great company.” At that moment, Harry would have done anything in the world to stop the girl from crying. It was too much for him.
    “Thank you, Harry, we should get going though. Time for me to meet the band.” She smiled weakly at him, and he just nodded at her. In that moment Harry Styles knew that he was going to have to try and fight even harder, because if he didn’t watch himself he would fall head over heels for this woman, and he was not willing to do that. Harry promised that no matter what, no matter what the cost, Emily Sven was nothing but business. 

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