(Please don't hate me for starting another fic. I had to do it. It just happened. I'm sorry. But it really is lovely)

Harry Styles has completely lost control of himself to partying, drinking, and girls. Being a member of One Direction has made him forget the things he loved, and most of all made him forget that he is capable of being loved. Simon Cowell is fed up with Harry's dirty antics and has come up with the perfect plan: Emily Sven. Emily is the founder of Kids Helping Kids, a charity that has teens and children helping kids in poverty. She's a perfect angel, exactly what Harry needs to fix his tarnished image. And Uncle Simon is presenting this plan in the form of an offer that neither are able to refuse.


4. Karma.

In which Harry’s one night stands are actually helpful...


Chapter Four

“Bloody hell, I thought you said you were ready to go.” Harry’s voice pulled Emily away from her thoughts. Emily abruptly dropped the newspaper that was tight in her grip. Harry frowned, looking at the headline.


Emily Sven moved on from one Playboy to another!


            After Harry had dropped Emily off at home the day that she had met the boys, Harry went to his own home and had done his research. He now knew why Emily cringed whenever the name Ryan was brought up, and why something in her seemed so…Broken. And all the more reason for Harry not to get involved. He would only break her. He had to shut off all of his emotions around her, but it wasn’t that hard, he was used to it. Even though every single thing in him fought to break out when he was around her. Harry walked up to Emily, picking the newspaper off the floor, before throwing it in the trash, all while maintaining perfect eye contact with the beautiful girl. It seemed to him as though she got more beautiful every time he saw her.

            “To hell with them.” He simply stated before offering her his hand and leading her out the door. He had to admit, Emily looked absolutely gorgeous that night, dressed in an emerald green floor length dress that complimented both of their eye colours.

            “You know, you’re not as bad as they make you out to be, Harry Styles.” Emily studied Harry’s face as he drove, his eyebrows pushed together in concentration, forming a perfect little crease between his eyes.

            “First of all, stop staring at me, it’s creepy. Second of all, how exactly do they make me out to be?”

            “Sorry, you just look so serious when you’re driving,” she let out a light giggle, “anyways; they make you out to be this devil. Like you have no regard for women, or feelings, but the way I see it, you’re afraid. You’re afraid to love because you don’t want to lose. You’re scared, but you act like you don’t feel anything at all.” Her gaze continued to heat his face, causing the blood to rise to his cheeks. He didn’t understand how she could figure him out so easily.

            “I’m not scared of anything, Emily.” Harry flicked his eyes to her before returning his sight back to the road. He wasn’t. Harry refused to believe that he could be afraid of anything.

            “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Styles.” She smirked at him, winking. He shook his head, trying to make himself believe that he wasn’t feeling anything for the girl. Harry simply did not hang out with girls that gave him butterflies. One reason was because girls usually didn’t make Harry feel that way, and two, he would never shag a girl who he had feelings for. It was all too dangerous. But there was no way for Harry to get out of this one. And sooner or later he would have to let himself fall…right?


“You guys look amazing together.”

“Emily, how is Harry any better than Ryan?”

“Harry, what made you want to settle down?”

“Emily, are you aware that Ryan will be here tonight?”

“Harry, how do you feel about living in the shadow of another man?”

“Emily, are you afraid that Harry will cheat on you too?”


            The questions from the press were endless, but Harry and Emily just blocked their voices out, smiling at the cameras and making their way into the venue. As soon as they walked into the doors and all the voices were behind them, Emily let out a groan.

            “Ryan is going to be here?” Harry turned to her, not letting go of her waist.

            “Yes, and I’m planning on avoiding him.” She felt herself leaning into Harry, seeking his comfort. In the past week they had spent every single day together, and even though he was hot and cold with her, she could tell that he was a good guy, despite everything.  And she understood why he wanted to keep his distance. It would be hard if they fell for each other, because in the end, Simon Cowell was the decider of their fate. But why couldn’t he at least be her friend? If Emily Sven was anything, she was determined, and she would do whatever it took to break down Harry’s walls.


            “Emily, it’s so good to see you! You look gorgeous!” A tall, busty blonde engulfed Emily in a rather tight hug. Her skin looked orange in her long white dress, and her husband, who was about 40 years her senior looked rather uncomfortable with his wife’s enthusiasm.

            “Stacy, you look well! Thank you for coming.” Emily pulled herself out of Stacy’s grip and slipped her hand into Harry’s again.

            “Anything for the children, right?” Stacy winked at Emily.

            “Yeah, anything for the children.” Emily echoed, turning her gaze to Harry who was currently staring directly at Stacy’s very large chest.

            “Harry.” Emily hissed, pulling Harry away from the couple, “this isn’t going to work if you’re ogling other women.”

            “Jealous?” Harry raised an eyebrow at the beautiful girl in front of him. She really did look amazing that night. Her long black hair was in loose curls and pinned out of her face, accentuating her beautiful features. On her body was a figure hugging, floor length, emerald green dress. She looked like a model, a beautiful model.

            “More like unimpressed.” She scoffed, turning around and dragging him to the next group of people she wanted to greet.

            “Hi Emily!” four voices chorused around her. They really were scarily good at speaking at once.

            “Hi boys, how are you enjoying yourselves so far?” Emily smiled brightly at all the boys.


            “It’s really interesting!”

            “I’ll definitely be donating.”

            “You look absolutely gorgeous.”

The last comment tumbled out of Zayn’s lips before he could stop them. As soon as he had seen Emily that night, his heart fluttered, and his eyes widened. The only thing that was wrong was the man she was with. It really should have been him. It wasn’t fair that Harry managed to always win the girl, even if this time it was for a publicity stunt. There was something about Emily that made Zayn want to get to know her better, even if he couldn’t have him to himself.

            “Oh, thank you Zayn. You look handsome…” Emily trailed off, the blood rushing to her cheeks. She felt Zayn’s honey coloured gaze burning into her skin, taking her in. She was flattered, and she liked the feeling, even if she was a bit embarrassed. Zayn was so different from Harry. He had managed to steal Emily’s phone number out of Harry’s phone and him and Emily had been texting each other non-stop. Instead of Harry’s flirty banter, and sly insults, Emily found a real friend in Zayn.

            “Well, if you’re done hitting on my fake girlfriend, we’re going to go take a seat.” Harry shot Zayn a nasty glare before pulling Emily off to their table. He understood that men were going to be all over Emily, for she wasn’t actually his, and she was gorgeous, but he hated that fact that Emily seemed so infatuated by Zayn, when she wasn’t even fazed by Harry. And trust that he had tried to use it on her before. But more subtly than he would on other girls, because he knew that bluntness and crude remarks were not the way into a good girl’s bed. But some bantering would do. .. Which always lead to Harry questioning his real intentions and making himself practically run away from her, just so he wouldn’t fall.

            “Emily!” A tall, skinny blonde ran up to Emily, engulfing Emily in a bear hug. Surprisingly, unlike the other guests, Emily actually hugged her back. Suddenly, Harry recognized the girl from his research on Emily.

            “Jamie! I’m so glad you could make it! I’m such a bitch for not being able to fit in some Emily-Jamie time, recently.” And the smile on Emily’s face was dazzling, the girl was truly happy to be around Jamie, it was a smile and a look that Harry had never seen before.

            “It’s alright, you’ve got a lot to do, you know, saving the world and all.” Jamie winked at Emily, nudging her in the side. Harry finally noticed the gorgeous blonde’s American accent. At first sight, she was much more beautiful to Harry than Emily was. Everything about her was perfectly groomed, from her hair, her makeup, her nails, to her perfectly put together outfit. She was a dream woman. From the softness of her skin, you could tell that she had never had to lift a finger in her life. It was an odd friend for Emily, Harry would have thought her best friend would have been a fellow activist, but instead, it was an American social lite that spent a majority of their time in London. The more Harry got to know her, the more confusing Emily got for him.

            “Jamie, this is Harry, Harry, my best friend, Jamie.” Emily beamed at the two of them.

            “Nice to meet you, fake boyfriend of my best friend!” Jamie’s voice dropped to a whisper, so only Emily and Harry could hear her. Harry gasped, not knowing that Emily had let their relationship status slip.

            “Hey, you got to tell four of your friends, so I get to tell one!” Emily shrugged at Harry’s shocked face. “Time to go make my speech!” Emily was once again her bubbly self as she made her way to the front of the stage.

            Zayn Malik was not quite sure what the beautiful girl on the stage was talking about, but nothing could make him avert his eyes from her. The way she scrunched up her nose as she giggled, the confidence in her posture, and the passion in her voice as she spoke of her cause. She was an angel and everyone knew it. Be reluctantly tore his eyes away from his dream girl to examine the crowd, and he noticed that everyone was just as enthralled by her as he had been. Men were staring at her with looks of lust in their eyes, and women in admiration and respect. She was almost impossible to hate, which usually made women catty, but with Emily, it was hard to be mean to someone who was doing nothing but well for the world. One person in particular caught Zayn’s eye though, and that person was none other than Harry Styles. What Zayn saw in Harry that night was something he hadn’t seen cross his friends features in a long time, and that was raw, pure emotion. Zayn felt a twinge of jealousy pierce his hear, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. But there was a choice that he needed to make…Getting his old friend, Harry back, or winning over the girl of his dreams.


            After Emily’s speech, and the delightful dinner, Emily and Harry had to make their rounds again, greeting and thanking people, but one thing that neither of them could have expected, ran right into them. Literally.

            “Oh shit, sorry.” A high pitched voice broke the air. Emily’s head snapped up, her eyes instantly falling on the couple in front of her.

            “Ryan.” Emily’s face paled, her heart running cold. She probably would have fainted if it hadn’t been for the strong arm wound tightly around her waist, holding her up, reminding her where she was.

            “Babe?” Harry looked to Emily, concerned.

            “Emily, you look amazing.” Ryan smiled shyly at Emily. It was only the second time he had seen her since the breakup. The last time he had seen her was when she had dropped several boxes off in his flat, with his things in them.



            “Emily, what are you doing here?” It was ten months after their break up, and Emily was still getting over the fact that her most intimate relationship, with someone she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with, was over. But it was, and there was no going back from that. Ryan Timmermans was no longer part of her life, even though, somewhere deep inside of him, he still possessed a piece of her fucked up, broken heart.

            “I came to give you some stuff.” She held up the box at him, shrugging. She slipped past him, walking inside his flat, uninvited.

            “Emily, wait…” Ryan called out helplessly from the door.

            “Oh.” Emily blinked at the girl who was lying on Ryan’s sofa, presumably naked under Ryan’s shirt. The shirt that Emily always used to wear when she spent the night at Ryan’s.

            “And who’s this?” The redhead didn’t even make a move from her spot on the couch, eying Emily up and down.

            “I am…I am leaving.” Emily dropped the box on the ground, letting its contents smash before turning on her heel and walking towards the door.

            “Emily, please.” Ryan caught her wrist.

            “I don’t want to know about your newest whore.” Emily spat at him.

            “I’m not his whore. We’re getting married.” The redheaded girl finally stood up, pulling Ryan away from Emily, linking her hand with his.


            For Emily, that was the most heartbreaking moment of her life. No, she couldn’t please Ryan enough for him to stay faithful, to make him love her the way she deserved, but this woman could. That woman was good enough to have Ryan want to marry her, ten months after he broke up with Emily. It was too much for her. And as she stood there, in her gown, clinging onto her fake boyfriend, all those feelings came back to Emily.

            “Lydia?” Harry’s slow and raspy voice snapped Emily out of her trance.

            “Harry.” The red headed girl repeated grimly.

            “I’m sorry; do you two know each other?” Ryan was more than confused.

            “No baby, just barely. We met a little while back, but I haven’t seen him since.” Lydia cooed into her fiancée’s ears. And in that moment, Harry didn’t know what came over him, but it felt like a sense of overwhelming anger. Lydia for lying and cheating, and because he couldn’t understand why on earth someone would treat Emily like shit. Ryan deserved what he had coming.

            “A while back? More like last weekend when your fiancée slept over at my flat. And trust me; we didn’t do a lot of actual sleeping.” Harry sneered, putting extra emphasis on the word ‘fiancée’. Ryan let go of Lydia’s hand, a low growl forming in the back of his throat, looking at her, appalled. Harry just smirked. Karma’s a bitch. 

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