(Please don't hate me for starting another fic. I had to do it. It just happened. I'm sorry. But it really is lovely)

Harry Styles has completely lost control of himself to partying, drinking, and girls. Being a member of One Direction has made him forget the things he loved, and most of all made him forget that he is capable of being loved. Simon Cowell is fed up with Harry's dirty antics and has come up with the perfect plan: Emily Sven. Emily is the founder of Kids Helping Kids, a charity that has teens and children helping kids in poverty. She's a perfect angel, exactly what Harry needs to fix his tarnished image. And Uncle Simon is presenting this plan in the form of an offer that neither are able to refuse.


6. Here.

In which I let you inside my head. For real this time...

Chapter Six

            He could have stayed there, lying side by side, tracing tiny patterns into the palm of her hand forever.


(Not because her skin was unnaturally soft, but because he thought that maybe, just maybe he was developing real feelings for this girl)


            But instead, like Harry always did, he took the easy way out. At least he thought it was easy. When in reality it was breaking him apart.


            “So how would you feel if I asked Jamie out?” Harry sat up, pulling his hand away from hers, a sudden frost forming over his heart once again.

            “Excuse me?” Emily blinked her eyes (probably looking absolutely insane) trying to figure out whether or not those words had actually come out of Harry’s beautifully plump lips.

            “I mean, we all know this is only for the public, and you like Zayn, and I don’t want to be alone, and Jamie is a nice girl…” Harry trailed off. He wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince himself, or the beautiful girl sitting beside her. (Who was somehow still beautiful even though she was blinking like a maniac. If anything it just made Harry think she was more beautiful because she just looked so innocent. Pure.)

            “There’s nothing with Zayn. You know that. But fine. Just…Don’ break her heart Harry, or I swear to god, I will ruin you.” And in that moment, she wasn’t sure if she was talking about Jamie’s heart, or her own.


            Harry put the phone down, a deep frown forming on his face, his eyebrows pushing together. (He was going to have horrible wrinkles soon if he kept this up.) He should have been happy. Jamie had said yes right away, barely even inquiring about her best friend. Which should have been weird to Harry if he wasn’t so fucking jaded by everything else around him. All he wanted was to fill the gap in his heart, even if it meant hurting everyone and everything around him. He was too blind to see that everything that he needed to make himself the man he wanted to be was right in front of him, but he was too busy acting like a scared little twat to realize it. Or he did realize it, but he was just so damn stubborn that everything that actually made sense went right over his head. If you didn’t actually know Harry Styles, one could think that he was quite a dumb boy. But no, Harry was smart, smarter than anyone knew. Because whether he knew it or not, his denial was causing a certain beautiful, selfless brunette to become exceedingly jealous. She wasn’t sure over what yet, but she couldn’t ignore the sharp pain that was grinding into the pit of her stomach, or the deep hole that was piercing right through the middle of her heart.


            I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m right here.


The words were at the tip of her tongue as she watched Harry and Jamie smile fondly at each other. The funny thing about Jamie was that she was the complete opposite of Emily, so she just made him forget. He forgot the fluttering in his stomach, or the sparkle that returned to his deep green orbs whenever Emily was around. Instead he was filled with lust and desire, and in turn, he finally looked happy, so the boys weren’t going to question it. They loved having their old Haz back, and they wouldn’t dare to take that away from him. But not all of them could ignore the fact that their newly beloved Emily was slowly fading away. She began throwing herself into her work, even more intensely that before, only eating, and only sleeping when a certain dark quaffed boy band member forced her to. She only laughed because she knew that’s what everyone wanted to see. Don’t get her wrong, she loved seeing Jamie happy, because Jamie had been with her fair share of jerks, but how long could Jamie go before seeing that Emily just wasn’t happy anymore.


            There’s only so long that you can hide from the light, and in the shadows, and maybe she was just so damn tired of caring about everyone else, and having no one care for her in return. She gave her life up to the world, but no one could see the hollow and empty girl standing right in front of her. They saw this angel who was so far above them that they didn’t notice the dark circles under her eyes, her ever dropping weight, and the way her fingers shook as she was trying to block that screaming voice out of her head. She wasn’t a holy figure. She was a human being, and she was wasting away. 


AN: I know this is short. I know this is different. I know you're not used to this. I know this is fucked. But it's just the way I'm feeling right now and I didn't know how to deal with it other than putting it into my words because I think I'm wasting away too.

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