(Please don't hate me for starting another fic. I had to do it. It just happened. I'm sorry. But it really is lovely)

Harry Styles has completely lost control of himself to partying, drinking, and girls. Being a member of One Direction has made him forget the things he loved, and most of all made him forget that he is capable of being loved. Simon Cowell is fed up with Harry's dirty antics and has come up with the perfect plan: Emily Sven. Emily is the founder of Kids Helping Kids, a charity that has teens and children helping kids in poverty. She's a perfect angel, exactly what Harry needs to fix his tarnished image. And Uncle Simon is presenting this plan in the form of an offer that neither are able to refuse.


5. Friends...


             “So…You slept with my cheating ex-boyfriends’ fiancée...the same day that we met.”

             “Ehm…well…basically…” Harry scratched the back of his head, feeling as though the walls of the large venue were closing in on him, he didn’t know why, but he just didn’t want to disappoint her. He could not fall for her, easily, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t want to please her. “Yes.” He looked her dead in the eye. He figured honesty was the best policy. And once again, Emily Sven surprised him. Her little nose wrinkled as her shoulders began to shake with laughter.

             “What goes around comes around.” Emily stated simply, giving Ryan one last look before grabbing Harry’s arm and pulling him away from the now arguing couple.

             “I’m sorry.” Harry apologized for the eighteenth time since.

             “Stop apologizing, Harry. But I’m just curious; could you point out the other women that you have slept with in this room? I want to avoid any more awkward encounters.” She giggled, nudging him in the side.

             “Shut up, can we go? I have a Skype date with my mum.” Harry groaned, taking Emily’s hand and pulling her away from it all.


            Emily wasn’t quite sure how she was so comfortable with someone in just one week. It’s not that Harry wasn’t a great guy; it’s just that she was expecting him to be a complete asshole. But he would always surprise her. She was starting to see past his hot and cold spells and see a different part of him. A part that she actually quite liked. He’d be great boyfriend material if he wasn’t so out of control. Maybe if he had never been famous, and was still the cheeky, curly haired boy from Holmes Chapel, they could have been. But Emily wasn’t about to put her heart on the line for someone with a past. Someone with a past that could hurt her deeply.


             “So basically, ehm, you’ll be going on ‘friend dates’ with each boy.” Harry droned on, rubbing the back of his neck with the palm of his hand. Emily raised an eyebrow, cocking her head to the side. She took her bottom lip in between her teeth on order to stop herself from laughing. She didn’t understand how someone could do everything at such a slow pace. It’s like he took extra time just to think every single thing through. It didn’t really make sense to Emily, how someone so damn thoughtful could make such terrible decisions.

             “Mhmmm.” Emily just nodded her head. If she said anything she would have giggled.

             “Stop doing that!” Harry dropped his hands to his legs, making a slapping noise. He was frustrated with Emily. He didn’t understand how someone could be so perfect. The way she bit her lip as she looked at him was driving him insane. It made him feel things. Things that Harry didn’t think that he was capable of feeling anymore.

             “Doing what?” Emily released the lip from her teeth, officially confused by Harry.

             “That thing!” Harry exclaimed.

             “Harold, I’m sure you’re making sense in your head, but I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.” Emily crossed her arms over her chest, huffing.

             “That thing that you always do! You raise an eyebrow, and tilt you head to the side. And when you bite your lip? It’s not fair!” Harry placed his hands on his hips, pouting.

             “What’s not fair, Harry?” Emily stood up, smirking. Harry had been making her flustered and sexually frustrated all week, and she knew he was trying. It was time for payback. “How do these things make you feel, Harry?” She slowly made her way to Harry, running a small finger over his toned chest.

             “Uhm….” Harry was at a complete loss for words. He had yet to see this side of Emily, and he didn’t know if he liked that she was capable of making him feel this way. Like he couldn’t think, speak, move.

             “Does it make you feel, Harry? Are your pants tightening?” She leaned forward, pushing him down onto the couch. Harry let himself fall, his eyes following her every move, like he was under a spell. “Do you want me to kiss you, Styles?” At this point Emily was straddling Harry, her lips just inches away from his. He could feel her sweet breath fanning over his face. He gulped, nodding his head, slowly. He had never felt such a pull to a woman before. He didn’t know until this moment how badly he really wanted her. Emily smirked, moving her face closer to his at the pace of a snail. And Emily couldn’t have planned it better, but like clockwork, her phone started buzzing.

             “Whoops, sorry, love. Gotta take this. Going on my first ‘friend date’ today.” She showed Harry the screen, and much to his dismay, Zayn Malik’s face was flashing on the screen. Harry’s frown was deep and prominent on his face. It was no secret to any of them that Zayn had a crush on Emily, and Harry didn’t like it one bit. The only one who seemed to be oblivious to it all was Emily. She just thought Zayn was a very nice guy. A very nice guy with a very nice face.

             “Hi Z!” Emily picked up the phone, her voice practically raising an octave. And Harry didn’t think it was possible, but his frown deepened and that empty feeling in the pit of his stomach got even more powerful.

             “Fucker.” Harry mumbled to himself.

             “Yeah! I’m just at Harry’s right now. You can pick me up here. Oh, you’re here? Wow! Cya in a few seconds then!” Emily raced to the front door, yelling a farewell to Harry before running out to meet Zayn. Of course Zayn was already there, ready to pounce. Harry had told the lads that Emily was coming over that morning. Suddenly it occurred to Harry, maybe Emily was trying to make Harry jealous. Well two could play that game. And Harry Styles was great at playing games.


             “Zayn where are you taking me?” Emily’s fingers danced over the blindfold covering her face.

             “Hey! No peaking, Angel. It’s a surprise.” Zayn had spent the past half an hour telling Emily not to ruin the surprise. He thought that if he wooed her enough, she would call off the stupid publicity stunt and live happily ever after with him. Oh Zayn, didn’t anyone ever tell you there is no such thing as happy endings?

             “Fine. This better be good, though.” Emily pouted in the passenger seat. Zayn smiled. He could help it, she was a cute pouter. Especially because he could see the corners of her mouth twitching as she attempted to supress her smile. And then she bit that damn lip of hers, driving him absolutely mad. Even though Harry couldn’t admit what that did to him, Zayn could. It made him want to turn the car around, drive right back to his flat, his her deeply as he told her how much he cared for her, and spend the rest of his life trying to make her feel like the most special girl in the world. But he couldn’t. Because Harry got to her first. Although Harry said that he had to interest in being with Emily, he called ‘dibs’. And anyone could see the effect that this girl had on Harry. Everyone in the world knew that Harry Styles was no longer ‘just friends’ with any woman, there was always something more. But not with Emily. She was just his friend, and it was good for Harry. It showed him not to objectify women. He seemed happier, and less of a playboy. The whole band could see it, and the whole world was starting to see it too. Although, what the world thought they saw was Emily’s love curing him, when in actuality, it was the opposite. It was the way that she wouldn’t fall for him, and how she seemed completely unfazed by all of his advances. Somehow it made him push himself to be better than he was; what someone like Emily deserves.

             “Trust me; you’re going to love it.” Zayn knew that she would. He knew her so well; even after the short time they had known her. She was like an open book to him. Zayn pulled into a parking space (because years after becoming a world famous pop star, he decided to get his licence). He unbuckled his seatbelt and jogged over to Emily’s side of the car, opening the door and letting her out. Emily giggled as Zayn’s arm wrapped around her waist as he led her into a building.

             “Zayn, where are you taking me?” Emily whispered, the nerve kicking in. She really trusted Zayn, but she was extremely excited to see what he had planned for her.

             “Open your eyes.” He whispered into her ear, causing shivers to run down her spine.

             “Oh my gosh.” Emily’s mouth hung open as she took in her surroundings. It wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t sweet. It was actually quite dirty, but it was perfect. Zayn had brought her to the teens shelter that had started her career, in hopes that they could lend a hand. It showed how well Zayn knew her, and how he had truly listened to the things she said.

             “I know this isn’t exactly a date situation, but I remember you saying you missed getting to the heart of things and you were tired of the swanky dinners. You wanted to remember what it was like when you first started giving back. Well here we are.” Zayn shoved his hands into his pockets, a sheepish grin on his face, slowly assessing Emily’s facial expression. He wasn’t sure if she was going to like it, but he knew it was worth a shot. Besides, there was no way anyone could get mad at either of them for hanging out if they were doing charity work.

            “Zayn, it’s perfect.” The smile that had formed on Emily’s face was enough to make Zayn’s heart burst out of his chest.

             “And so are you.” Zayn whispered to himself as he followed her down the hall.


            Harry watched as Emily took Zayn’s hand. He had opened the door for her, lifting her out of the car. He saw Emily say something to Zayn, making them both laugh. He watched as her arms wrapped easily around Zayn’s body, giving him one last good bye. Harry Styles felt the pain of watching the girl he was falling for, fall for someone else.


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