(Please don't hate me for starting another fic. I had to do it. It just happened. I'm sorry. But it really is lovely)

Harry Styles has completely lost control of himself to partying, drinking, and girls. Being a member of One Direction has made him forget the things he loved, and most of all made him forget that he is capable of being loved. Simon Cowell is fed up with Harry's dirty antics and has come up with the perfect plan: Emily Sven. Emily is the founder of Kids Helping Kids, a charity that has teens and children helping kids in poverty. She's a perfect angel, exactly what Harry needs to fix his tarnished image. And Uncle Simon is presenting this plan in the form of an offer that neither are able to refuse.


7. Floating...


            She was drowning. And it’s not like she could save herself, because she didn’t know what was making her lungs crush beneath the weight of…of what? Under the weight of the public pressure? Under the weight of all the work everyone expected her to do? Or under the weight of trying to figure out if she was in love with the man she was supposed to be dating, but was really dating her best friend. Because if there was one thing that knocked the wind out of you, it would have to be watching Jamie and Harry looking absolutely perfect together. But then again, who wouldn’t look perfect with Harry? Whether he knew it or not, he was good, and it wasn’t Jamie who was changing him, it was Emily. He found himself buying chocolate covered almonds (which he thought were disgusting) and keeping them in his cupboard so she would always have something to mindlessly nibble on whenever she came over (which was quite often seeing as they had to convince the public that they were in love). Once or twice he even found himself with a couple almonds in his mouth, out of habit, because he ate them along with her so she didn’t feel left out. He just wanted her to eat, because even though Zayn thought he was the only one who noticed, Harry noticed how thin Emily had become, how when she lifted her arms to stretch, he could easily see her hip bones sticking out, like they were meant to poke someone’s eye out. Or the way he could see her spine and her ribs when they all went to the pool. He saw the deep bags under her eyes, and he wanted to save her, but he didn’t know how. What Harry also saw was the way Zayn lovingly placed a blanket over Emily when she fell asleep on the couch while they were watching a movie. Or how he would always be one step behind her just in case she needed someone to catch her when she fell. And he noticed how badly he wished that could be him, worrying non-stop about Emily, always being there to pick her up when her pieces were falling, but he had Jamie. Who was not as sweet and perfect as Harry had once imagined. To put it mildly, Jamie was selfish. She didn’t like it when Harry needed to spend one on one time with Emily, she didn’t understand that Harry had a job and he needed to travel from time to time. She hated it when Harry didn’t bring her flowers every single time they saw each other. She was used to being spoiled, and Harry just wasn’t that guy. At least he wasn’t for Jamie. She wasn’t the kind of girl who would be able to fix him. Sure she was stubborn, and demanding, and she wanted to change him, (not to mention she was great in bed), but what Harry really needed was for someone to love him, someone to show him everything he could be. Someone like Emily. And as for Emily and Zayn, they may look perfect with each other, but Zayn was too busy tiptoeing around Emily and her feelings to realize that she needed a challenge. She needed someone to help all the time, someone to push her, pull her, move her. Someone to make her twice the woman she already was. Someone like Harry Styles. They were polar opposites, yet so alike, but no one was willing to admit how much they needed each other.




            Zayn took a deep breath before opening the door. He quite honestly didn’t know what he would find, and he was scared. For the past couple months he’d watched Emily wasting away, and he wasn’t going to do it anymore. He would always find her in her office, the lights dimmed, and her either working for 24 hours straight, or her head would be on the desk, fast asleep as she would complain about a sore neck the next day. He wanted to take care of her, be the guy who would make sure she was always in bed at a reasonable time, make sure she was fed, make sure she was happy and safe. But every time he tried, she pushed him away. She would say she was fine and that he was worrying too much about nothing. But it wasn’t nothing. It was something. It was everything. He saw the way she looked at Harry and Jamie. The way she would let Harry wake her up and take her to bed. How she could actually bare to eat a meal if it was a meal with Harry. And Harry alone.


            “Zayn, what’s going on?” Emily opened the door, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. It was noon. Emily was never still asleep at noon. But the night before she had spent tossing and turning, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

            “Uh, can I come in?” He looked past her shoulder to see if anyone (Harry) was there.

            “Yeah! Of course! Make yourself at home.” Emily blushed as she watched him take in her slim figure in her little shorts and t-shirt. She wanted so badly to fall for Zayn, she was well aware of his crush on her, and she was even into it in the beginning. But then something changed and she couldn’t get her mind off of that curly haired man she was pretending to date. Zayn paced Emily’s living room, trying to find the right words in his head, when he heard a soft thump.


            “Emily? Em? EMILY!”


And suddenly she was floating again because everything was black.

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