Dear Harry

You've been gone for two weeks now. I haven't been coping well. The boys have even sent me to a therapist to help me forget. But I can't forget. You're all I ever think about. Your luscious curls, the way you smile lights up a room, your green eyes that I love so much. You're impossible to forget. I don't want to forget.

Of course the boys are worried about me. I'm even worried about me. My therapist is worried as well, and that's why she has handed me this journal, so I can write down my innermost thoughts. I have to give it to her every week to read over, but I just feel so weird giving it to her. Most of my thoughts revolve around you, so I guess that's why she wants to read it over, to make sure I'm handling everything well.

But to be honest, I'm not, and yes I'm fairly aware she will read this. But the truth has got to come out sooner or later, yeah? She never specifically told me what to write, but just that I have to write. So I'm writing to you. Starting from day one.


69. The end

Some say that love is the most powerful emotion a person can feel. It overtakes every fibre in your body, weaving its way through your soul and killing you from the inside out. It deteriorates your common sense, causing you to do stupid things all in the name of love.
That’s what they theorized.
When they found Louis’ cold, unmoving body covered in Harry’s duvet, wearing Harry’s old clothes, it was the only explanation at the time.
It had all been in the name of love.
When the paramedics arrived, it was too late, and he was gone. Niall, Liam, and Zayn had lost yet another friend. They stood there crying into one another over the loss of one of their best friend’s.
Louis stared down at them, a sad smile stretched across his lips as he witnessed his body being pulled off from the bed, and out away from the flat. He watched as the boys dropped to the floor, crying their hearts out. He couldn’t help but want to reach out and comfort them, but knew it wasn’t possible.
They began to blame themselves, saying that they hadn’t been there for him enough, which only led Louis to stare at them in frustration.
He was happy now, and he wanted them to be happy for him.
Louis felt a hand pull at his shoulder, and turned around to face a pair of green eyes—blinking, moving, everything. He smiled at the boy before him, who stood smiling widely back. Tears were brimming the two boys eyes as they turned back to face their best friends, whom they had hurt so badly in their fight for love.
 “You ready?” Harry asked, turning Louis’ attention back on him. Louis only nodded, and Harry took ahold of his hand, leading him far away and into his new life.
 “I love you.” Louis whispered, leaning over to peck Harry across the lips.
“I love you too.”
 So the two walked off into the light, holding hands and singing softly along with the angels calling their names, and singing their perfect lullaby. Louis looked over to view Harry, the boy whom he had loved for so long and had caused so much pain in their previous life.
 Now they had a new life, one they could spend together forever, singing with the angels.

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