The Fan Fiction Book!

Hey guys!!! This is going to be different fanfictions! You name it and the boy you like...and BOOM! You're in this book! Don't be shy to comment who.


2. For Starry

'' No!'' I yelled on the top of my lungs

...It was mid December and yet there was no snow, just a flood outside from the amount of rain, which was a week with non-stop rain. It started on Sunday, we got a quick e-mail from our school director announcing there will be no school for 1 month, not because it was only raining but because of Christmas! My favorite time of the year. Weirdly, we were all stuck at home. The day before it started raining heavily was the day which was my turn to invite my close friends to my house for a sleepover. They said it would be much more fun if boys came along, that's why I invited my most closest guy friend, Liam, and his mates. The day of the sleepover, the girls called me to say that they couldn't make that's how I ended up being the only girl in the sleepover. Like I said, there was a flood outside my house, so we couldn't open the door nor the windows. My parents had gone shopping that day, so they gave me a call saying that they will be sleeping there because of the flood. And as for the boys, they've been one whole week with me! It was really boring so we decided to play truth or dare...

'' C'mon kiss him!'' Shouted Drake, the one who had gave me the dare.

'' B-b-b-but I don't think he'll like it!" I said turning back to look at Liam. He smiled, and that made me blush least I thought I was. 

'' It's fine!!! C'mon babe!'' John, his other friend, urged. I had wasted all my chickens chickening out for weird dares they gave me...I had no more chickens left.  

'' I'm not gonna mind, you know.'' Liam smiled, yup...he was my crush ever since kindergarten. 

'' W-what? O-okay..'' I said looking down at the floor. I was too scared to make a single move, so Liam came closer. I looked up at him but before I dared to come close he did. I was screaming in my heart! He kissed me on the lips!!!! The dare was on the cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would my parents do if they found out... I ended the kiss, which was very cute because his sparkly eyes kept looking at me, and ran to the bathroom. A knock was heard from the outside.

'' Yes?'' I called

'' Sorry...'' He replied. 

'' Who's with you?'' I asked in a demanding voice.

'' No one, I promise...but can you go out...I know you're not pee-ing...'' 

'' W-W-WHAT!?!?! okay never mind....fine.'' I said, turning  the door handle. I saw Liam outside waiting and smiling...

'' Hello''

'' Hi...'' I said quietly. Quietness was starting to overcome the whole corridor, thats when Liam broke the silence in giving me a long grip hug...

'' I love you!'' He said in a quiet voice. I smiled

'' you do?'' I asked dumbly.

'' Yep!'' He replied...

'' Well, I love you too...longer than you can imagine. '' I said, there was a noise of clapping behind. I jumped away from Liam to see his friends.

'' Th-th-this wasn't a dare, now, was it!?!'' I asked

'' Nope...I promise.'' Liam assured me...

'' Fine, I believe've never told a lie in your life anyways.'' I said.

'' Never?"' He asked, I stepped back..

'' Liam....'''

'' I lied to you, I actually like singing...'' He smiled.

'' Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!" I said, dragging him to my karaoke room...his friends left behind. It's called love...




A.N: Hope you liked it love... Xxx 


   FROM: Jess 

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