The Fan Fiction Book!

Hey guys!!! This is going to be different fanfictions! You name it and the boy you like...and BOOM! You're in this book! Don't be shy to comment who.


5. For Reneseme

'' Hey Messie!'' Someone called from behind me. I turned my head slightly backwards to find my boyfriend Harry waving at me. I smiled and winked, which made him turn red.  I ran towards him.

'' You're such a diva queen'' He giggled. I glared at him.

'' Whatever Harry, gosh...anyways did you hear I'm the new captain in cheerleading!'' I screamed as I jumped up and down. 

'' Like I said, diva queen!'' Harry murmured. I looked at him and sighed. 

'' So what's wrong?''

'' I'm cheating on you....'' I said, honestly, Harry was certainly not my favorite.

'' YOU WHAT!!!! OH MY GOD MESSIE!!! WITH WHO!??!!'' He screamed pushing me backwards. I stayed quiet.

'' That's what I thought!'' Harry yelled as he left the room. 


* 3 years later...when Harry became famous, I still was with with the same guy*

'' Hey Messie!"' My boyfriend, call him Bebe, cried.

'' Yes?'' I said quietly.

'' Did you hear? One Direction are coming to this school...OMG!!!'' He said fan-boying. This was one thing I hated about Bebe.

'' And....?'' 


This is gonna be a long day, I sighed.

 - Day at the concert-


People were screaming and it was very annoying. I honestly miss Harry. At that time I wasn't cheating on him. I got dared to do that and not say it was a dare. After he left me, I managed to get a new boyfriend...but I swear Bebe is sooo annoying.

'' Here they come!!!'' Bebe squealed, jumping up and down. I stepped away from him when the walked passed him. I felt myself bump into someone. I looked up to find Harry. He stared at me for a couple of seconds until I whispered ' It was a dare Harry, I was not supposed to say it was...' He just walked away...I think he did not here what I said or found a new girlfriend. Louis, I think, announced that he was soo happy to be welcomed in a school his mate has been in. Harry took the microphone next, which caught my attention.

'' Hi guys,'' Harry said.

'AHHHH' and 'Hellooooooooooo' were being chanted back.

'' It feels good to be back huh? I mean back for a little while...but I wish I can stay longer but we have to go after a few days''

Sounds of 'BOOO's were being echoed in the crowd.

'' Okay, so our first song is not a song we made, but I, alone, have been practicing it so I can dedicate it...dedicate it to someone very important in this room..'' 

His friends probably, I thought.

'' My friends,'' he giggled...


'' I'm just kidding, this one goes out to Messie, my first and last girlfriend...' Want You Back'  by Cher Lloyd...''

I stared at him while he was trying to spot me in the crowd but eventually couldn't.. and started singing

Hey, girl you never had much game
Thought I needed to upgrade
So I went and walked away way way
Now, I see you've been hanging out
With that other boy in town
Looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns

Remember all the things that you and I did first?
And now you're doing them with him
Remember all the things that you and I did first?
You got me, got me like this
And now you're taking him to every restaurant
And everywhere we went, come on!
And now you're taking him to every restaurant
You got me, got me like this

Girl you can say anything you wanna
I don't give a shh, no one else can have ya
I want you back
I want you back
Wa-want you, want you back



I smiled as people started pushing me forward. 

'' Please don't cry Messie, I really want you back!'' Harry cried on the microphone. '' But I beg of you, don't reply with 'We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift. 

I shook my head...and he smiled as he pulled out his hand for me to grab it. He shouted out on the microphone that I'm his now and only his. I glanced at Bebe, who was crying like a baby, okay whatever...I don't care...Once a baby, always a baby...



A/N: AHAHAHHAHAH LIKE IT YOU DIVA QUEEN!?!?! Love you Messie... :D I can't believe you chose this name :D <3 LOVE YOUUUU -Jess T

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