The Fan Fiction Book!

Hey guys!!! This is going to be different fanfictions! You name it and the boy you like...and BOOM! You're in this book! Don't be shy to comment who.


3. For Joanne

 So I was walking right out of my favorite food store to spot a bunch of girls screaming their heads off. I continued walking but stopped immediately and jumped to turn around. I had spotted my sister with a bunch of her friends screaming and crying and laughing. I tried guessing what happened and trying to bet with my self for a million dollar that they were there. I picked up my bags of chocolate and ran to meet my favorite band singer, Niall. Lately after finding out he likes food, I haven't stop eating. I also once stole my sisters ice-cream. She still never forgives me. So I tried to push through the crowd to reach where my sister was standing, she was now at the front and the back kids were bruised! I guess I know what happened, she acts like this all the time. While pushing through the crowd, someone hit me hard with their elbow on my stomach. I turned around to find out it was a random girl. I was not leaving without a fight for not apologizing. 

'' Excuse me...'' I said politely.

'' WHAT DO YOU WANT!'' She screamed. I held up my chest and stood right infront of her.

'' Apologize, nigga!'' 


'' For, erm....THIS!'' And I punched her in the stomach. She was massively big! She looked at me with furious eyes and slapped me hard on the face. 

'' OKAY, BE THAT WAY!'' I screamed as I jumped on her back and started pulling her hair and scratching her with my finger nails.  Somehow, I - I mean WE, got everyone's attention. I glanced at my sister who turned away, red-faced from embarrassment. I felt someone picking me up and taking me away.

'' PUT ME DOWN!'' I yelled. ''I'm not quite done with her yet.''

The person layed me down on the grass. I looked up and was shocked. I stared for what seemed for hours, until he spoke up.

'' So, umm...what was wrong?''

'' Nothing much, she just punched me and I told her to  apologize and she wouldn't so I punched her back and then she slapped me so I-''

'' Nothing, huh?'' Niall asked. 

' Well yea...but she didn't apologize!!!'' I said.

'' It's a good thing you're not like those weird fan girls who scream their heads off...ARGHH WONDERACTION!!!'' Niall mimicked them in his wonderful irish accent.  I giggled because it was funny..heheh

'' So what you got in that bag of yours hunn?'' 

'' umm...oh this! aha, yea...chocolate-'' 

and with that he jumped on me trying to get that bag.

'' But, wait what's your name?''

''Joanne'' I said in muffled cries trying to push him off me

'' But Joanne, I haven't eaten all day, I swear!!'' He moaned, still trying to grab my bag.

'' Neither have I!''

''You LIAR!!!''

And with that was our first meeting day which I memorized so dearly. Niall now is my best friend, I'm really glad we met...

                                           THE END



A/N: Hope you like it, sis!

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