The Fan Fiction Book!

Hey guys!!! This is going to be different fanfictions! You name it and the boy you like...and BOOM! You're in this book! Don't be shy to comment who.


4. For Jessica

 The first thing I did when I arrived home from another long day of school was run to the mail box outside our house. I smiled as wide as I can as I saw a letter. I grabbed it and ran upstairs. ' To, my lovely girl, Jessica' was carved on the front of the letter in the most amazing handwriting ever. I carefully opened the letter and started reading what was on it. 

Dear Jessica,

It's been exactly 3 years since I've last lost contact with you. I'm so glad I can finally write this letter to you. I've missed you so much! I don't think I can manage another year without you by my side. But I hope you still remember why I'm in the army. My dad has been feeling much worse day by day and I really need the money. I'm so sorry for leaving you. I miss kissing you and the smell of your hair, aha Xx. Anyways, I can explain why this letter is slightly wet with tears though. My dad passed away and I can't stop crying. I never told you I lost my arm in battle, have I? I guess not...Well, my dad decided to give me his hand, but I didn't know that he will. I had had a coma for 3 days before and after the operation. I woke up with a new hand and on it was a letter from my dad saying Dear son, I gave you my hand while you wasted your years fighting for money in battle. I love you son... That's when I stopped and ran to the hospital I had my surgery in. People were rushing to a room screaming names to each other to hurry up. Well ummm, I asked someone what had happened and, oh my god I can't believe I'm telling you this, my dad passed away while trying to do the operation to take of his hand. The news were tragic and I blamed myself all day long. I got a ticket to fly to my mom's place, and there she was...sleeping peacefully with tears streaming down her face. I kissed her and ran upstairs to my dad's room. It was all neat with pictures of me and only me. This was too much for me...I'm sorry Jessica, I had to do it. His hand will be with me forever and it will become a nightmare knowing that it was all my fault he died. So after you read this I would probably be dead. Just know how much I love you and missed you, but I can live no longer. I had to do this. Now I will be buried in peace...please visit my grave when I die and take care of my mother too please, you and her are the only people left on this planet I cannot lose. I love you and always will, cherish my tears and I will cherish your soul. I know this is the first and last letter you will get from me but I'm sorry... I love you again, bye hunny...

                                                                                                                                        Love you and always will forever and ever,     



A/N: Sorry it took so long, Hope you like it and it touches your heart even if it might not XD...ITS FAKE NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED XD ... aha

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