The Fan Fiction Book!

Hey guys!!! This is going to be different fanfictions! You name it and the boy you like...and BOOM! You're in this book! Don't be shy to comment who.


6. For Bella

Today was one of the days Harry and I go out together on a date. It was quite normal, and THAT'S what made me quite sad. Everyday, he took me on a date (I know, a person would suppose he's the best..) but honestly, it was nothing like that. Harry did things nothing like a date, more like friends...not even 'best.' Obviously I talked it with him and he just tried to change the subject and ended it normally...

'' Tomorrow we have a date, Bella. Don't forget!"' He said waving good-bye. I sighed, normal him again...

'' Hello, may I sit with you please?'' Asked a charming lad in the coffee shop Harry left me in.

'' No, my boyfriend is sitting here...sorry!'' I said quickly. The man nodded and walked away. I kept glancing at him while he was taking his order. I tried to sneak in some sneaky glances, but he kept on staring at me from the corner of his eye while drinking coffee. He was starting to creep me out. 

'' Hey ma'am, where's you're boyfriend of yours?'' He would call from the other table. I won't reply every time he asked the same question. Finally, he got his things and sat next to me.

'' I said MY boyfriend. Is. Sitting. there!"' I said trying to maintain my anger. 

'' Listen honey, a charming lady like you should not be sitting alone or lying to a man like me about these things. Besides, I barely ask women to sit next to them, so take this as an advantage, would you? Everyone falls for me!''

'' I don't,'' I mumbled. 

'' Honey, I can make the boys who are not gay fall for p-lease!'' He said, exaggerating on the 'please'. 

'' Someone else stole my heart! So, leave me alone...'' 

'' Good job..'' He said, clapping his hands together. 

'' W-what do you mean?'' I asked.

'' I've been waiting,'' He said taking off his accessorize to reveal something. '' Waiting to see if I had found the right person, and now that I have...Marry me Bella?''

I clutched my hands over my mouth with a tear streaming down my face. 

'' Oh Harry...Oh my god! Yes, yes,yes! I love you so much!'' I screamed. The rest of the people in the coffee watching were clapping. 

''I love you,only you...and now you're mine and only mine to love!'' He said. It was the first time he ever said ' I love you.' I smiled, I'm so glad to have a boyfriend like him.


The End


A/n: Hope you like it Bella!!!

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