What I Feel

Lately I've been feeling so lost and empty.. And most importantly incomplete.. I don't know why this is happening.. So I thought maybe writing about it would make me feel better.. Here it is! I hope you enjoy reading it :)


1. What I Feel

What is this feeling?
Why is this happening to me?
I feel so lonely and unhappy,
But on the inside I'm empty.

Will you ever feel what I feel?
Will you step in my shoes?
You think you know me,
But no, you don't.

I am so incomplete inside,
Lonely and miserable all the time,
Tears always brim my eyes,
I forgot how to shine.

Do you ever step in my shoes,
And feel what I feel?
I'm so broken now,
Nothing seems to heal.

So in the end,
I put on a fake smile
Try my best to everything,
And keep my head up high.

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