Secrets Long Kept

What would happen if Harry Styles fell for a Swiftie? How long could she keep her fandom a secret? What would happen if Harry and his bandmates found out?

Grace Woodhouse is happy with life. But then she crashes-quite literally-into Harry Styles. He makes it his mission to get her to date him, but Grace is torn since she's a diehard Swiftie. Will their love last?


4. She Won't Give In

After the concert, as I’m getting ready to leave, a One Direction security member comes up to me.

“You’ve been invited backstage,” he tells me.

I check out his badge.  He looks pretty official, but I’m leery of trusting just anyone.

“Harry specifically asked for you,” the bodyguard adds. “You’re Grace Woodhouse, right?”

Okay, I’m pretty sure I believe the security guy now.  There’s no one here who would know my name except Harry.  And he’s maybe told his band-mates.

So I follow the security member through a couple doors.  We walk down some halls, and now I really believe I’m being told the truth.  There are tons of personnel milling about, so I’m surely safe.

We pass doors with labels: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson before coming to Harry Styles.  The bodyguard knocks.  My heart flutters a teeny bit when a deep voice says, “Come in!”

The guard opens the door and ushers me in.  Harry grins at me cheekily.  He’s sweaty, so he’s obviously just come offstage and hasn’t showered yet.  The door closes behind me.

I take deep, even breaths.  I’m not sure what Harry wants, but I’m not going to be a one night stand or just another girl to mark off his list.

Harry steps closer.  Before I can react, he’s breathing in my ear.

“I’m glad you came tonight,” he whispers.

Carefully, I lift my hands to Harry’s chest and push him away.  He’s still close, but now there’s at least six inches between us.  Before I can react, Harry’s lips meet mine.  And, boy, can he kiss!  A few minutes pass before I come to my senses.  Quickly, I pull away.  Now I feel fuming mad.  I told myself I’d be able to resist Harry’s charms, but already I’ve succumbed.

I reach for my bag, which I tossed on a chair, and turn.

“I’ve got to go,” I say in a hurry.

“Grace, wait,” Harry calls after me in desperation.

I hurry out of his dressing room and look both ways.  Unfortunately, I have no clue how to get out of here.  Harry has followed me, of course.  He reaches for my arm, but I yank it away.  Then he pushes me against a wall—not forcefully enough that I’ll get hurt—and kisses me again.  And I let him.

“Well, well, what have we here?” says a familiar accented voice.

Harry jumps away from me, and my face flushes the minute I see Louis Tomlinson.  He’s grinning like a hyena, and I’m as red as a tomato.  Harry barely looks sheepish.  He’s probably used to being caught with girls.

“Um, Louis, this is Grace,” Harry tells his best friend.

Louis sticks out his hand, and I shake it cautiously.  “Nice to meet you, Grace.  How long have you known Harry?”

“Three days,” I reply.

“Nice, mate,” the boy in stripes says to Harry, high-fiving his friend.

 I assume this is in regards to the fact that Harry had already made out with me.  But Louis’s gesture just makes the anger boil to the surface again.  I grab my bag from where it fell to the floor.

“If you gentlemen,” I place careful emphasis on that word, “would be so kind, I’d like to know how to get out of here.”

Harry sighs.  “I’ll show you the way out.”

Louis turns and heads back into his dressing room.  Harry looks at me.  I catch a certain look in his eyes.  And it appears to be sadness.  I shove away my sympathy.  Harry’s probably just disappointed I’m not staying so he can continue to make out and maybe even sleep with me.  But I’ve been burned by too many guys to fall for that act.  There’s only been one guy who cared more about my heart than my body and looks.

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