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Where shall I start? It comes from the heart for I will never tell a lie, cross my heart and hope to die, two people are masked looking down on a cage, the poor little birds will start to rage, the girl will be laughing at the bird’s poor cry, left there alone, relationships to die. These two birds were meant to have it all, this relationship started with a concert after all. The Script was the band at the time of the crime; Louis and Harry were friends it was fine, knowing each other before the band was formed; now this is what my brain had stormed. They were friends before One Direction even had a start; this idea was clever, wonderful and smart. They had been dating for a while maybe a year or two, Hannah was a fix, I think Eleanor to. Now you say Harry’s a man-whore but this is the twist, it was all made up bullshit, just one big fix. Elounor fans will tell me I’m wrong, all Larry shippers trying to be strong. You see I found out this fact one day, that Louis and Harry were together, gay. How would have Hannah of known Harry’s name? When pointing him out in all the hopes for fame. Niall and Josh are cousins you see, it makes so much since now can’t you see it’s the key? They all knew each other though links and connection, they had to bring in Zayn, they were called One Direction. Zayn was friends with Danny you see, one of Louis’ close friends wouldn’t you agree, that now you know more about your boys and their lives, would you still really want to be wedded their wives?


I help you figure out a riddle with me, this one is simple, as simple as can be. I drive men mad, for love of me, easily beaten, never free. The answer to this is gold of course it’s used all around and even for force. Do you see how easy they are to figure out? If you know the answer give it a shout, my clues will help you to know some 1D events, but some of them you might have to prevent. A lot of you fans are crazy and pretend, to be me and make me look like foe not friend. Don’t believe all that’s said as it could just be made up from a directioners head. You see some fans like to twist things into some there not, they really tend to do this a lot, but back to my point of the band being prepared, One Direction to be the biggest boy band was declared. This no doubt would turn worldwide, having many nations on their side. But I knew a dirty little secret that would change a lot, something that would add a twist to this plot. As I said Louis and Harry were together as one, the Larry bromance was just for fun, when put together as a band the Larry bromance gave a hand, so all the girls would ship different boys, they even made One Direction toys, it was a great disguise to hide the lies. I’ve learnt a lot about these two Louis Harry, Hazza and Lou. No wonder they were so close from the start, it’s because they were in each other’s heart. The plot is coming together don’t you see? Now will you start to believe me?


I know this is short and not very long but a lot of you Directioners are very wrong, sometimes you take the ship to far but do you remember the other night with Elounor at the bar? Louis cried “it’s Christmas tomorrow!” now this will make you heart fill with sorrow, just that night Haylor had left, together they were Taylor should be accused of theft, Louis thought that the date was his birthday, the look in his eyes they were going grey, he thought Harry had left him on his ‘special night’, this just proves my Larry theory was right! You can counteract and tell me they’re just friends but this is where the chapter ends, I’ll leave you on a little riddle to solve, but now since your reading you’re involved.


Two people are masked looking down on a cage, the poor little birds will start to rage, and the girl will be laughing at the bird’s poor cry, left there alone, relationships to die. Figure this out and you’ll get the picture no doubt.

Taylor this, Haylor that! Harry confirmed, that’s a fact. But a lot of you diss her so, a lot of you fans want her to go, she’ll hurt Harry and we all know this, she’s doing it for an album, great another twist. Taylor is mean but she’s part of the plot, I know you directioners won’t like this a lot. Her fake smiles and now straightened hair, she’s such a whore but Harry doesn’t care. Going out with over I think maybe 30 guys and Harry gets called the manwhore? Ha what lies! She’ll ruin him and the band, Haylor shippers are really out of hand, I thought some Elounor fans were bad now I really feel so sad, because she will hurt him she’ll end up deserting. Poor Harry Styles think that she’s true now I feel really sorry for Lou. Louis will be the one whose ship will sink his compass will no longer be in sync, nothing to guide him though the storm Harry won’t be there to keep him warm. Because even when Perrie was sick Taylor wanted to go shopping, she’s a dick. She knows what she’s doing she wants to have it all, the fame and fortune of being Harrys cannonball. She’ll fire him up to make him feel like its love, his meant to be the man but she’s wearing the glove. Back to my riddle that I told you before, you really did try to explore. Two people are masked looking down on a cage, the poor little birds will start to rage, the girl will be laughing at the bird’s poor cry, left there alone, relationships to die. The two people looking down on the cage were modesty and management now you can see why they started to rage, Taylor of course was the girl laughing at the birds, calling them names and mean words. Harry and Louis are the birds you see, now in one direction that leaves just three. Liam Niall and Zayn, they all play part in this game. They know the secrets that have be told; they even know more that they’ve been asked to hold. But I’m a close friend to all the five boys, management play them just like toys, they say jump the boys say how high now this is where I started to spy. Following Haylor around Central Park, now here comes the water with the shark. The shark will bite the back of Harry’s neck, have we even seen Haylor kiss? No not even a peck! It’s not true I say no matter what you hear, but hear the music? The shark is near; the shark is keeping its tail on Styles it will follow him forever, miles and miles.


Now why wouldn’t management want the boys to do what they want? Because the management like to tease and taunt, they’re puppets on strings that dance and sing! It all to do with this one big thing, which I only know little about its something that had to be beaten out. All the boys hold truth yet lies its actually so clear just use your eyes. Zayn and Perrie were thought to be a fix, blonde Perrie Edwards from little mix, but now her hair is purple its bad, that’s something which she chose to do might I add. You’ll find you don’t hear about their love life, remember the rumour about Louis wedding Eleanor his wife? This fandom can sometimes be a joke, but some of us are hidden under an invisible cloak, people say I’m Voldemort looking for the wrong Harry but still people saying that Elounor are to marry. The storm is soon close to its end, but something could trigger and cause a bend, so you better watch out and you better not cry cause I never said I wanted Harry to die, you make up bullshit about me to, you all say I’m bad, this and that boo! Boo louder for me if you please, but you’ll be the one down on your knees. Begging for me to give you one last clue, keep picking on me and I’ll scream I’m through. Some of you make my skin crawl but some of you fans look so small, cause like I said I mean no harm, Harry’s the one with the charm. This little chapter was about my Styles, the more he goes on, the more Haylor hate piles. Do you think that Haylor is good? If you think so you’ve misunderstood, now your poor brain will start to scramble and I’m going on I’m starting to ramble but if you can guess who the next chapter is about, I just might even give you a shout. Here’s another of my riddles to fix, this is a boy who likes cake mix. His sweet caring loving and fun, part of one direction this chapter is done.

Liam Payne, Zayn is vain. Liam takes the father role he came back to x-factor with a goal. He got turned down at the judge’s house making him feel small like a mouse but he took the courage to try again, and he then came back two years later, thank god amen. Simon said he was too young so Liam bit his tongue and decided to go. You all thought that this chapter was going to be for Niall, but do you remember Liam and Andy baking cupcakes didn’t it make you smile? That’s what I meant by cake mixture you fans, now one direction has a few plans. But that is all for you to later find out, but you’ll get there before me, make it up no doubt. Payzer is the couple that everybody loves, its real not fake they’re like two doves. But remember the split? What did I say, a few weeks later they’d be back together hooray! This is why you fans should trust me, because they’re together now- their faces masked glee. So what I’m telling you should be a shock, that Liam would end one direction- everything, the lot. All to stay with the one he loves, they fly together, sore two doves. Would you fans support his cry? He wants the hate to stop, Danielle will say bye. Enough of the bad let’s move onto the good this is something easily understood. Some of you are mad, possessive and wrong, if you keep being like this they won’t last too long. The pain in their faces when they hear something bad, you make them angry, they cry –they’re sad. For these poor boys fame hit them quickly, but still one person in Liam’s mind does stick. Danielle is the reason he starts to crawl, because you make her feel so small. It’s hard for him to pull her up- when they’re so far away; Liam is after all just a pup.

I don’t understand you all sometimes, you say you’re with them but it’s all just lies. I know we can dream but we know it won’t be true- so why do you send hate step back into the queue. Let them love who they want and do as they please, otherwise the boys will fall to their knees. Screaming loud at the top of their lungs, they will decide to pull the guns. Four boys will be rising and one will fall. You see you all can think what you like, but one boy will decide to strike. You all have ideas on who will fall, but ever considered it’s not curly after all? You see him as the one with the caring hand, the daddy of the well-known band. You hardly see him cry because he tries to be strong, but the pain within him will last lifelong. How dare you say that he can’t be in love! I’d watch out he has boxing gloves. That he can remove at any time, I bet you didn’t know the anger that would soon climb. Climb through his veins and riddle his skin, Liam will soon commit a sin. His had enough for the hate of Danielle; all of you directioners are giving them hell. Let them be young and do what they like, because after all it takes one bite. One bite to let the bitter sink in, Liam will be sure to make it has been. But this couple are copycats, getting a dog like Zerrie a fact! I don’t think they know how much in love they are, but I’m telling you now your harsh words scar. All of the boys are with someone but, Narry are left to the side-lines to huff. Harry is getting slowly jealous of some love, because he knows that his heart belongs to a dove. A dove who decides to walk with a raven, this is just some pain his heart has taken. Harrys chest will start to squeeze, spluttered cries of why not ME’s. Seeing them two act like they’re in love, please remember Harry she’s not above. You’re in his heart higher than her, but wait I should get back to Liam this Larry symptom is a blur.

The one who is shy is very sly, he will decide which of four shall die.

Figured it out yet I’ll give you a hint? This boy has a bit of an Irish kink.

X, x- here’s what’s next. The Irish one which you all love so, he might decide which four will go. But you under look how naive he may be, it’s not going to be Liam so that leaves three. Niall Horan is one with charm, but he might be the one to harm. His bleached blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but he is the one is under disguise. But this could be a trick I’m good at them you see, cause I want to push you to a certain degree. I want your brains to tick and tok, to spin around like a clock. All these riddles may send you far, but I want you all to raise the bar. You all now know he has something to announce, as the time goes on the days doth count. Ever wondered what it might be? Maybe the end of the storm, we shall see. Another month you have waited for me, now I will show you the long wanted key. All my riddles have something the same, but first I would like to play a riddle game. Tik tok goes the clock, poor little curly was meant to be shot. But I did save you with my riddles and tricks but whose brain is it that always ticks? Who is the one to always lose their cool? It’s not Zayn or Harry or Niall at all. It’s the one who is torn between to loves, one is a raven the other a dove. I want to keep you all playing my game, who was the boy who nearly denied fame? You see in all of my chapters there’s someone there, someone who cares way too much about hair. This person is mentioned slightly in all, all of my chapters from what I recall. His name is something which rhymes with game and also the fact he is very vain. Quiet and mysterious he fits the plot, to be the one to kill the lot. His quiet because he is always thinking, he is the one in the band shrinking. He believes he is the one to be picked on a lot; he has the power to trigger the shot. His devious mind and riddled threats, from racist bastards which will soon regret. Regret even sending him the hate, they’ll only be seeing hell’s black gates.

Zayn is the perfect one for the crime; he has the motive- spare time. He sees the way Larry hide their lies, he is the one who doesn’t support the cries. Because where were they when he was alone? They were worried about gay news hitting home. Racism got to him and hit him bad, but all fans cared about was the Larry fad. But Zayn’s not evil so that could rule him out, but there’s a strong motive to push them out. So that leave you all clueless again, but it will pop up every now and then. I haven’t said clearly if it is him or not, there are four other suspects, rule him out? We shall not.  But I would like to help you narrow it down, for I am a riddle not a circus clown. I will give you a choice out of three and from there on you will decide who it’ll be. The one who will trigger the shot, the other two will start to swat. But what if I want to confuse you a little more? So that this episode isn’t a bore. What if all I’ve been saying isn’t true? That the killer is in fact someone new. Someone new who came into the band, i have said his name, his good with his hand. Now this one has motive but hardly see’s public eye, which is why he wants one to die. Maybe this lad wants to have some fame, another twist to my riddling game. I’ll give you a clue to figure this out, once you know give me a shout. Before I go on I must now say, the comments you send me make me happy gay. I love how some of you send me a rhyme it’s nice that you give me the time. Now back to my riddle I should tell you, but don’t hold your breath your face will go blue.

This one is bold clever and smart, he lives in the music side of art. He plays guitar- smashing the hits, but his teeth are the ones which doth grit. He bites his tongue keeping the hate down, his even seen like a bit of a clown. His got one bromance out of the whole band, but this boy he wouldn’t even think about laying a hand. Figured it out please tell me if you do, because for now this chapter is through.

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