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Riddles and twits this isn't a fix, for I am the X no need for you specks. This is my story I'll tell it to you all for will be rising one boy will fall. For I am your friend a hand to lend, I'll be your guide not once have I lied. I can predict the future of your beloved five boys, but I promise you this Directioners make noise, so you better be loud for the storm is a cloud. I am Mr. X I'll tell you what happened next.


Once upon a time I never used to rymhe, but you Directioners make me sick and judge to quick. Your meant to be family, one and all four boys will rise and one will fall. Harry, Louis, Liam , Niall, Zayn all of these boys are hurting my brain. Directioners are family your meant to be there for one another, but your attitudes are deceiving, friendship and family should be the meaning. I did this to bring you together as one, but lies are being told saying I have the gun. I don't want to hurt these boys I said I never would, but all you guys are saying I'm not good. I'm all for you to keep peace but a lot are saying you'll call the police, I'm your friend can't you see this isn't pretend. For we are a team even though it may not seem, for I am  just one and this is no pun. I will tell you everything you want to know, just as long as you promise not to get up and go riddles and rhymes the x-factors a fix, I am Mr. X and you will get used to my brain twisting tricks




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