Half Taken (One Direction Fan-Fic)

Angel Lax is a kind town girl that missed her best friend Louis Tomlinson that left for the X-Factor but after seeing her best friend at the town grocery store she gets pulled in to see his band and girlfriend but after things get alittle awkward in they're friendship she falls for a boy but she doesn't know that Louis and the rest of the boys have feeling for her.


1. On a Run

(Angel's View)

*Beep Beep Beep*

As I slam my alarm clock I open my eyes

to reveal the light which means only one thing,

that it was morning. "Angel, wake up you can't sleep

all day!" As my mom calls from downstairs in

the kitchen,I walk to the bathroom to get  cleaned

up I grab my tooth brush and add a pea sized

of tooth pasted on my tooth brush I look at the mirror

as I brush my teeth. "Angel I want you to go to

the store to go get eggs, milk, and bread!"

she yelled. "ok mom!" I quickly wash my

face and run to  my closet and grab my

favorite jacket and a shirt that says

"Eat Me" and a sweat pants. I ran downstairs

"Mom? did any mail come in for me today?" I

asked. "No, I been waiting all week for that

letter from your grandma." she frowned while she said that.

"Well I'm off" I ran outside. I unlocked my car door and

drove off to the store.


*Hey, this is my first fan fiction on this site but wrote

an fan-fic before. But I need you suggestions

for it, Thanks :)   ~Cupcake*


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