Half Taken (One Direction Fan-Fic)

Angel Lax is a kind town girl that missed her best friend Louis Tomlinson that left for the X-Factor but after seeing her best friend at the town grocery store she gets pulled in to see his band and girlfriend but after things get alittle awkward in they're friendship she falls for a boy but she doesn't know that Louis and the rest of the boys have feeling for her.


3. Have We Met?

It's been two days since I seen Louis but we kept in touch by texting. I was getting ready to go to Nando's to go meet Louis, I grabbed a red pants that Louis gave me for my 16th Birthday and weared my favorite shirt that was flowery and was see through so I had to wear a tank top and I weared my black DC vans and I was off to meet him. As I walked through the Nando's entrance I felt someone hug me from behind but knew that it was Louis for I let him "Hello Beautiful" I turned around tp talk to him "Hey, so what are we gonna do right now?" I asked "Did you eat lunch yet?' he asked "No" I said politely "Well maybe we can have lunch me. you, and -my friends" the last part he mumbled but I understanded "friends?" I looked around and notice some boys waving at me "Is that them?" I pointed at them as I asked "Yep" he said with pride "Come on" he said with a smile he reached out his hand and I accepted it we walked to them "Hey guys, this is Angel" he pulled me forward "Wow she's even more beautiful than you told us Louis" a curly head boy said I flushed red and I turned around to see Louis red too "oh yeah, he would always talk about you when we talk about girls and he would talk non-stop about you" an blonde head boy said. Louis put his face in his hands and I giggled away "Well, May we order?" I asked while I changed the subject "Yeah, I'm starving" the blonde boy said "Your always hungry" a boy with short hair said as the blondie just stared at him like he murdered someone or something. The waitress walked up "May I take your order?" she asked with a smile on her face "Yes, please" Louis said like a gentleman. As we all ordered we sat there and chat. "oh by the way I'm Harry" the curly head boy said "I'm Niall, Niall Horan" he said with a dramatic pause with it "I'm Liam and our friend Zayn ain't here right now" I nodded as the short hair boy said that. The Waitress cam over with our food and for some reason I ate like I never ate for years and I could hear laughter around me "What?" I asked looking at them "Nothing" said Louis trying not to laugh but bursted out laughing out of nowhere, I frowned and I wiped my face they stop laughing "Why were you guys laughing? I never ate this morning." I said as a comeback "oh ok, you seemed like Niall for awhile" Louis sad with a big smile still laughing abit "hey" Niall shouted madly. After eating we decided that  well meet again the next day so I went home and watched netflix until midnight until I fell asleep until dawn aproached.

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