Half Taken (One Direction Fan-Fic)

Angel Lax is a kind town girl that missed her best friend Louis Tomlinson that left for the X-Factor but after seeing her best friend at the town grocery store she gets pulled in to see his band and girlfriend but after things get alittle awkward in they're friendship she falls for a boy but she doesn't know that Louis and the rest of the boys have feeling for her.


2. Can't believe it

While I was driving to the store when I heard an  interesting announcement  on the radio "Hey Everybody,We're here with One Direction you know them Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson." as I heard the name Louis Tomlinson my my heart felt like it died then got brought to life  as quickly as possble I turned off the radio and tried to enjoy the rest of the ride to the store.

*Time Skip*

As I stepped in the store for some reason I felt like I was being watch then I looked to my side and see a coated guy with glasses and a hat on, as I walked by goosebumps wnt down my body I shooked my head to keep my mind off that as I went down aisles I grabbed what my mom wanted me to get but someone or something grabbed my arm "Ow" escaped my mouth "Oh Sorry love" he said in a low but fimilar voice "Do I know you?"  I asked while rubbing my arm, he pulls off his hat and shades and my mouth just did a big O shape "Louis?!?!" I said suprizedly "Are you happy to see me?" he said with a smile on his face "Of course I am" for some reason a huge smile went across my face "Why are you dressed like that?"  I gave him a puzzeled look as I said that to him  "oh, paparazzi they think I'm cheating on my girlfriend with my cousin because I had to come to the store with my cousin and had to wear this" he said "oh, well where's your cousin?" I asked with a calm voice but for some reason when I heard the word "girlfriend" I felt like screaming and pulling out my hair. As I heared a buzzing sound I seen that Louis got a text from someone he smiled at the text then looked up at me all happy "What?" I asked "Nothing it's just my girlfriend texting me" he said still smiling "Well I got to to go" I said tried not to make it seem awkward for myself "Well can I at least have your number?" he said with a smile on his face "Sure" I said. After we were done exchanging numbers I paid for the broceries and went home while I was driving I heard a buzzing from my pocket.

From:Louis My Superman

Hey ;) I'm missing you already xxx

I roll my eyes to the text message

To:Louis My Superman

That's sweet but I can't text you I'm driving right now

I'll talk to you on Saturday?

When I was about to put my phone down again it buzzed and I looked at the text


Alright but that's a long time :(

I shook my hat and giggled


That's in two days and you must busy for the next two days

I put my phone on my lap knowing he'll reply right away and I was right it buzzed again


True. Saturday it is then how about we meet at Nando's at 2:00 p.m? I'm free from 2:00 to 6:00 :) xxx

I smiled at the text and replyed back


Nando's at 2:00 p.m it is then bye xxx


*Hi, I was thinking of having a Co-Author? Well if you wanna make a short peom or story and tell me on my comment to check it and I'm picking 1 or 2 so get your typing ready :D ~Cupcake








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