Up All Night, Literally....

Nikki loves One Direction, what she doesn`t know is that they are vamps. Until she meets them and well.... after that she sees the five boys drink a girl and panics. When Harry suggests to eat her... well... Read Up All Night, Literally... to find out more.


5. Seeing Zayn

The boys had just left and I was sitting and watching tv. So Zayn ate like five girls by himself and can't control himself. They have him locked in a room away from me. And his fans. I heard the door open and out came Zayn. Shit! 
"Someone smells good"He said stepping towards me. I move away trying to escape but in a flash he`s on me and we are against the wall. I started to panic. How did he get out? 
"Silly Louis and not locking the door."He chuckled into my neck. His fangs grazed the skin of my neck. I tensed. 
"Ease up. Being so tense will make this hurt."He said his lips skimming over my own. He kissed me hard. I tried pushing him away but it was no use whatsoever. Zayn was much stronger than I was. Damn. He stopped and kissed down my neck, I bit my lip to stop from moaning.  Something sharp entered my skin. OF my neck that is. His fangs. I screamed out in pain but he covered my mouth and gulped up my blood like it was water or something. 
"We`re ba- GET OFF HER!" someone yelled and the pain was gone within minutes. 
"Nikki. Nikki! Nikki! Get her to the bedroom now and lock Zayn back up"He demanded. I was lifted off the ground and set under something. No clue what it was. I couldn't see now. My eyelids would not budge from the position of covering my eyes. 
"Don't worry Nikki. You're safe now. Zayn can't hurt you now."Someone, no Harry was saying into my ear and I felt safe. I could hear Zayn say something that was directed to me. 
"I WILL GET YOU! AND YOUR SWEET BLOOD" He yelled then his yells turned into muffles of words I couldn't hear. Did Zayn just drink my blood? Yes. He did, Nikki Liam said into my mind. Thank god. I heard a low chuckle from another room. When will I wake up? Soon

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