Up All Night, Literally....

Nikki loves One Direction, what she doesn`t know is that they are vamps. Until she meets them and well.... after that she sees the five boys drink a girl and panics. When Harry suggests to eat her... well... Read Up All Night, Literally... to find out more.


4. Our Powers

"Yes, no, maybe"Liam said reading my mind. So Liam can read mind. What can the others do? "We`ll show you"Liam said once again reading my mind. I`m gonna kill you, Liam! He chuckled. STOP READING MY MIND! "Can`t help it"He smiled. Fine.
"I can shape shift in anyone or anything I want or need" Niall said. I nodded and he turned into me. Shit! Liam chuckled. 
"Watch the language in mind and not"He said. I laughed. 
"I can teleport! It`s fun and awesome"Louis said. "So I`m never late to anything ever" He chuckled.
"Zayn can never ever sleep and still be fully awake. I can seduce everyone except you, even scared people I can seduce."Harry said then I was touched from behind and Louis stood there with a sombrero on his head. 
"What the hell? Where were you?"I asked still a little frightened.
"Mexico!"Louis laughed. "So those are our powers that no one else has. but we have powers that we all have"He explains. Niall comes up to me his eyes red. He stares deep into my eyes.
"Who do you have a crush on from the five of us?"He asked. 
"Harry" I blurted out. Damn nice power. They all burst out laughing. 
"My turn! It also involves my power"Liam says and does the same thing as Niall, stares deeply into my eyes. You are lovely today, love. Harry likes you too. I heard in my mind. Harry growled at him. The rest laugh harder. 
"My turn" Louis said and grips my arms firmly. Next thing I know my head hurts like hell. Louis is glaring at me. "Ok done"He says and the pain goes away. Harry comes up and looks me directly in the eyes and kisses my nose. I bite my lip. 
"The last one is when our eyes go red our fangs come out. We can force it or it happens when we are hungry."He says and his fangs come out and his eyes are red. Ok this is scary. 
:Ok Haz she`s scared."Liam says. PLEASE STOP THAT! "I can`t help it love"He blurts out. I`m gonna have to get used to this if I can never go home. Yeah. 

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