Up All Night, Literally....

Nikki loves One Direction, what she doesn`t know is that they are vamps. Until she meets them and well.... after that she sees the five boys drink a girl and panics. When Harry suggests to eat her... well... Read Up All Night, Literally... to find out more.


6. Finally!

I woke up still dazed from what happened yesterday. Harry saw me and his face lite up. I love this boy, I heard liam chuckle from the other room. Seriously stop that! Another chuckle. I shake my head laughing. Shut up. Nope 
"Morning, beautiful!"He kisses my forehead. Something I didn`t expect. Like holy shit. Liam chuckled again. 
"LIAM STOP THAT!"I yelled at him. All I`m getting is laughter! What the hell, Liam! You are supposed to be the mature one!  HAHA! No one said that!  
"Come on! You sound hungry! It`s nearly noon"Harry said and he was right I was hungry. I stood up to see that he changed me into my pajamas from my house. Probably got my clothes. I sighed and looked at him. "You are quite fit so don't worry." 
"Fuck you, Styles!" You know you want to. I mean you like me after all.
"Damn you!"I said then stormed out into the living room to see the boys except Harry and Zayn. Zayn was still locked up and Harry was behind me. "Are gonna make me something? Or do I have to make it?"I asked, turning to look at him. Harry chuckled and in a flash we were in the kitch. Damn vampire speed. Liam chuckled. DAMN YOU LIAM! Another chuckle. What a surprise. Liam started to laugh uncontrollably this time. I smirked. Nice job.
"What do you want?"Harry asked trying to get my attention. He was so close to me that I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I wanted to kiss him so very badly. He could tell and smirked. "My lips? Sure thing"He said, I thought he was joking until he put his lips to mine. What did I feel? Fireworks mixed with fireworks. Yeah I know it makes no sense but thats me for you! I kissed back, smiling in the kiss. Harry was smiling too. He put his hands on my hips and put me on the counter. 
"THEY ARE SNOGGING ON THE COUNTER" Louis yelled. Harry and I broke the kiss to laugh. 
"Finally" Niall exhaled. 
"Shut up Niall!"Harry snapped. I stroked his curls. My favorite part of him are his green eyes. Liam tried not chuckle. But failed. I went up to him and hit him across the face. He pretended it hurt when I knew it didn`t. I walked back to Harry and stood by him. Putting on my pouty face. Harry chuckled and I stopped pouting. I kissed his cheek. 
"Will you go out with me?"Harry asked. I smiled really big. 
"Yes"I said and gently kissed his lips.
"FINALLY" The boys yelled. Harry and I laughed. These boys I swear

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