Up All Night, Literally....

Nikki loves One Direction, what she doesn`t know is that they are vamps. Until she meets them and well.... after that she sees the five boys drink a girl and panics. When Harry suggests to eat her... well... Read Up All Night, Literally... to find out more.


7. Date Night?

"You! Go! Change! Or I`m picking out the outfit"Harry said. With that I ran, literally, to our room. I swear if he was picking out my clothes he would have picked out something a stripper would wear! Yes, yes he would , Nikki! SHUT UP LIAM! Nope!  YES AND STOP GETTING IN MY MIND! Fine. I laughed to myself, and ran up to what I`m calling our room. I grabbed my bag and picked out what I wanted to wear, when I heard yelling from the living room. I went out to see what it was when i saw Zayn, pinning a girl to the wall, and Louis yelling at her.
"ZAYN! GET OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!"Louis yelled. Zayn looked at him, confused. "Yeah, she`s my girlfriend. Guys, and Nikki." He grabbed the girl, and Zayn was smirking at me, strolling to me. I walked to Harry, who went and hugged me from behind, glaring at Zayn. "This is Ella, like i said, my girlfriend" the girl waved. Ella`s actually really pretty, bright vibrant blue eyes, really pretty brown hair. I wanted to go up and hug her, but Harry`s grip around me was REALLY tight. I was whimpering softly. Soft enough to where Ella could hear, but no one else. 
"You ok there?" she waited for me to say my name. 
"Uhm, Nikki." I stated, hearing a bit of a voice crack. Harry looked at me confused. "Ill be fine, once he loosens his grip!"I said, direrctly to Harry. Ella laughed, Harry`s grip loosened. "thank you"
"Lou, does she know?" Liam trailed off.
"That you all are vampires? Yup."Ella finished off. 
"Harold, let me goooo! I have to get ready if we are going out"I whined, smiling a bit that he was still holding me, he let go, I went and quickly hugged Ella, going back to the room to pick out what I was wearing. "Harry! Casual or fancy?!"I called, still looking through my bag.
"Casual!"He replied. I picked out skinny jeans, a penguin shirt and my white converse, again, i love these converse. I came out, after brushing through my hair and putting it a sort of high pony tail, by sort of I mean it wasn`t low and it wasn`t high, you could call it a pony tail but I don`t. 

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