I Got Bronchitis

This is a story about two girls named Nayeli,and Ashley. What will happen when its time for their first kiss with Justin Bieber,and Niall horan??? Will they get brochitis or get what they always wanted?? (not to get bronchitis)


2. wow what a day

       Nayeli's P.O.V                                     

Damn,I feel like a whore its only been two weeks since i met Niall and were already going out.I had a doctors appointment in 15 mins.so i wanted to get there already.as i was putting on my shirt niall stoped me and kisses my neck and said"everything will go fine,i promise' as i was staring into his blue green eyes i kissed him back.as we were having a romantic scene i hear my phone ring,and it was ashley calling to see if i was ready.as i jumped up from the bed niall was looking and me and said'babe,was that your cousin?' .i said yea i have to go ima be late!!he got up and pulled me back to the bed and held me down.i herd the phone ring again and again but i was loving the moment,so i ignored it.then i get a voice mail and to niall to wait so that i can hear it,as i press play i herd ashleys voice "GIRL YOU BETTER NOT BE IGNORING MY CALLS BECAUSE YOUR HAVEING A ROMANTIC MOMENT!! i mean if youR like me you can have it all the time but GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!" as i closed my phone niall was pulling me back under the covers.......


                             Ashleys P.O.V.

    'WHY ISNT THIS GIRL PICKING UP!!!!!!!!!! ugh im just gunna go home. 20 min later i walked in the house to see justin bieber in boxers.i took off my jacket then i thought to myself 'whoah im glad nayeli didnt pick up the phone'.he came up to me and grabed my hand,he pulled my to the room and i was thinking to myself 'you make me feel like,ive been locked out of heavennnnn for too lonngggggg!' he tossed me on the bed and started kissing me. he was un dressing me and i can hear a song in the back round 'i just wanna see you strip' wow perfect timeing ,justin stoped and looked at me nd said 'what?' umm nothing and i quickly kissed him and it was all blank after that,20 min later a cool aid man came out and said 'OH NO OH NO OH NO OH YEAAAAAAAA' justin jumped up and said 'what the fuck?? how did you get in??' i looked and said,'i lefted the door un locked because i was attracted to the way you looked in boxers.he laughed and said'its all for you babe' the cool aid man left and justin came back in the room and as he laid back down i grabed his hand and kissed him.




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