I Got Bronchitis

This is a story about two girls named Nayeli,and Ashley. What will happen when its time for their first kiss with Justin Bieber,and Niall horan??? Will they get brochitis or get what they always wanted?? (not to get bronchitis)



        NAYELI P.O.V

            two weeks later i got a phone call from my doctor,i said that i will go in for the check up.i called ashley and she picked up saying'really?? now you call me?? i was in the middle of something with justin!!' as i lauaghed i said grossssss.after we both lauaghed i asked her to take me to the oppointment.as i hung up niall said that he will come too,i didnt really mind so i said ok.few minutes later i walk out with niall and i see justin and ashley waving for us to hurry up.as we both got in the car niall and justin did a handshake,me and ashley just looked at each other and smirked.when we got to the hospital the doctor had me change to a robe.he left the room to run the test and i looked around and saw ashley was sitting on justins lap.i shook my head and said 'im a little scared guys' niall got up and hugged me tightly.the doctor got back in the room and had a serious face on.i knew that something was wrong.he whispered it in my ear,my mouth droped.everybody jumped up and asked whats going on jumped up and niall held my hand,ashley and justin was rubbing my back tryna comfert me.i looked and said 

                                                    I GOT BRONCHITIS


                         P.S     AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT


                                    THE END

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