I Got Bronchitis

This is a story about two girls named Nayeli,and Ashley. What will happen when its time for their first kiss with Justin Bieber,and Niall horan??? Will they get brochitis or get what they always wanted?? (not to get bronchitis)



Ashley P.O.V

i was walking to my house......i got hit by a tree branch and all i remember was getting picked up by Justin Bieber and me saying 'ninja down.Then I realized what just happened so then i screamed,OH MY FUCKING GOD UR FUCKING JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER!! He started to chuckle then i saw it.My best friend Nayeli holding a tire. OMG next thing i knew we were both on the floor.as i got up i was rosy red!!! Justin Bieber was sitting on the floor and i notice he put me on his lap.'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ??! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!' Justin smirked and said 'only if you want it to be'.my cousin Nayeli opened one eye and saw me on justins lap. 'Woaaaaaaaaa im just going to stay on the ground a little longer' said Nayeli as she slowly closed her eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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