anguish of love (former musings)

former musings of heartfelt love for one and the anguish of their absence


2. anguish of love (former musings)

I do it rarely, yet I cannot help hoping.

Anything, any chance to be back and not hold back regressed wishing to confess.

I cannot overcome the feeling that sent me reeling with oh such beautiful feeling.

Oh the sight of the one you see as otherworldly light.

The one you love most in life.

My perfect mate.

My fabled fate.

You are the shrine, the key to unlocking the divine.


How can I forget how much I regret finding a reason to live then losing it,

and now what can I give but grief? A sense of self defeat?

Attempt to love but its fleeting.

I'm leaving lovers undefined that cannot intercept the flow of time.

Her laughter enveloping her in rapture...

How can I leave behind love that can make the divine truly mine within the confines of time.

Let the earth quake!

Let the stars fall from their placements!

We could withstand the fiercest fires, the fury of the flames only we can tame.

How could I ever meet you heart's desire?

How could I?

She is heavenly.


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