Heartbreak Headlines

Saffy is about to live through the best days of her life when her and Rose meet two handsome young boys at the diner.//AU//When you live it, write it.


1. Rocket


I click my tongue when I walk out of the school. Everyone is outside, talking to each other and walking down the long hill to go smoke beside the bus stop or maybe walk to the market, a little ways down from here. My friend Ada ditched me for the cute boy in her Algebra class, so I’m stuck walking home by myself. I could call my mom to pick me up, but the thought disappears when I see my best friend Rose comes running towards me.

“Saffy! I’m so glad I caught up to you!” She gasps for air, grabbing onto my arm for some support. “Mom’s in a really bad mood, can I crash at your house tonight?”

“If my mom says it’s okay,” I reply, taking my phone out and punching in a quick text to my mom.

"Sweet, let's go. I'm starved, think we can stop by Rocket?"

Rocket is a small diner across the market. It's extremely popular with the older kids at Hall Cross, but other than us they don't have a lot of business.

“When aren’t you starved?” I ask. Her cheeks grow a bit pink and she hits me lightly on the arm.

“Let’s just go now!”


Rocket is styled like a 50’s American diner, and they only play American hits from that time period, although I think I’ve heard a song or two from the 70’s play.

It’s decorated in old things you might find in your Grandad’s attic or maybe in gift shops. They range from guitars, wagons, record players and tins of old food, like Saltines. Signed pictures of famous American music artists are hung on the walls, and the tables are covered with old newspapers. When I was little I tried to get one out but learned it was protected by glass.

As soon as we walked in, Rose dragged me to our usual booth in the very back. It’s one of those booths with the curved seats in the corners of restaurants, and now that I think about it we are probably annoying the people who come in large groups as it’s one of the biggest booths.

“What are you getting?” Rose asks as the waitress handed us menus.

“I think I’m just going to have a fizzy drink. We can share something,” I offer. Rose makes a face at me but nods. It only takes her a few minutes to flip through the menu when she sets it down in this sort of dramatic fashion.

I sigh inwardly. “What’s wrong,” I ask her. She sighs, crossing her arms in the table.

“I don’t know what to get,”

“Seriously?” I say, sighing as I pick up the menu. “I’ll choose.”

“Thanks!” She exclaims.

I flip past Hamburgers and Chicken dishes before setting my eyes on the Appetizers.

“Well isn’t it a pleasure!” I look up from the menu.

A boy around my age is bent over the table, eyes flicking back and forth from me and Rose.

“Do I know you?” Rose asks, raising an eyebrow. He smiles at her.

“Do you want to?” He asks.

“If you’re trying to chat us up,” I interject, “It isn’t going to work. You see, we have boyfriends.” I lie, setting down the menu. He looks over to me, his eyes telling me he’s in shock but he quickly covers it up by standing upright again, and flashing another smile.

“Really? What’re their names, love? Perhaps I know of them,” My mouth opens to reply but nothing comes out. He laughs. “Do you really want me gone then?”

“Um, no,” I say, but I can’t seem to come up with anything else to say. I already felt stupid for not thinking ahead!

“What she means, er- I mean, what she wants to say is,” Rose starts, and his attention is focused on her again. “Do you need something?”

“I was just wondering, since there are no more seats here, if we could sit with you two. You do have a rather large booth.”

Rose smiles at him, and glances my way. I shrug my shoulders, and she replies with a quick sure.

“Who else is with you?” I ask as Rose scoots closer to me so he can sit down.

“Just a friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other in a while so we came here to catch up. He should be here in a bit, I think he went to the loo,” He says, turning around to scan the diner real quick. “So what are your names?”

“I’m Saffron and this is Rose.” I say as the waitress stops by our table.

He smiles at us and then turns to the waitress and asks her for five more minutes.

“I’m Harry,” He holds out his hand for a shake. “You both have lovely names.”

“Thanks!” Rose exclaims. She loves compliments, even if it’s a simple thing like a name.

I just notice that Harry has a dimple when he smiled again. He sure smiles a lot. He looks good that way.

“Harry!” His head whips to the side. His smile turns into a grin.

“Aw, mate! Where were you?” Harry asks, as another, older, guy comes towards the table and sits down as Harry scoots down.

“I was chatting up this chick outside, and when she left you were gone!” He said, his voice raising a bit dramatically, “I thought you were dead!”

Harry chuckled, “Dead?”

“I was so worried!”

Something tells me this is Harry’s friend he was talking about. Right away the first thing I’m attracted to is his eyes. They’re an amazing shade of blue, so bright and lovely. I also can’t help but notice how the two of them dress, it’s a strange habit of mine. I can’t stand it when guys don’t match.

Harry looks pretty fine with a black shirt and blue jeans, although they are a bit tight on his legs.

Louis is dressed in the Hall Cross uniform, the same one as we are.

“Saffy, Rose, this is Louis. Louis, Saffy and Rose.” Louis turns to us, and holds his hand out.

“Nice to meet you. Are you friends from Harry’s town?” He smiles, his eyes twinkling as he grabs my hand. His hands are soft, and I immediately push the thought away and force down a blush.


“I’m from Holmes Chapel,” He explains, “I’m visiting Doncaster for a while.”

“During school?” Rose asks.

“I’ll be attending Hall Cross next week. I’m staying for the year with my dad.”

“That’s our school!” Rose says, her excitement growing by the minute.

“I go there too,” Louis piped up the obvious. I shot him a ‘no duh’ look and he replies with a wide smile.

“What grade?” I say, pushing down a grin of my own.

“12th.” Louis replies.

“I’m 10th.” Harry says, nudging Louis’ arm. Rose makes a comment I don’t hear to Harry and he laughs, but the only thing I’m focused on is Louis. He seemed so relaxed with us, we’re practically strangers! His arm is rested on the back of the booth’s seat, not quite slung over Harry’s shoulders. His focus is on Rose and Harry, and the corner of his mouth is lifted in a sort of lopsided smile.

And then he turns his head a bit and catches my gaze. My mouth opens a bit, but I quickly shut it. His clear eyes bear into mine before he blinks and quickly looks back to Rose.

Caught off guard, I begin to scoot out of the booth.

“I’ll be back,” I mutter under my breath. Rose and I had started 10th a couple months ago. It was the middle of November already.

As I get up to excuse myself to the loo I hear Rose excitingly tell Harry that was our grade as well. No one seems to question why I’m leaving so I just walk away from the booth. It wasn’t really a big deal that Harry and Louis sat with is, it just seems as if they’re more interested in Rose than me. She’s always been the fun and interesting one of us.

I push open the door. There’s a girl I recognize from my English class, but I don’t remember her name. She’s putting her light brown hair into a ponytail. I can’t help but notice how long and soft it looks, and my eyes flicker to my reflection. My hair is a dark brown. It used to be lighter when I was younger. I look back at her, and she’s looking right at my reflection, her ponytail high and tight.

“You’re in my English class aren’t you?” She asks, turning to face me.

“Uh, yeah.”

“I’m Poppy Wright.” She holds out her hand. “You’re Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, Saffron Cox.” I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re hands are soft!”

She gave an airy laugh. “Thanks. I use Victoria’s Secret lotion.” I was about to say something about how expensive it was but then I realized everything about this girl was screaming rich right in my face. I just saw her outfit in the window at the mall! “I better go. I’ll see you around.” She walked out then, not giving me a chance to reply.

I brush it off and take my chapstick out my pocket for a quick apply before heading back out. By the time I come out the drinks have arrived at the booth.

“Saffy’s back!” Harry comments with a dimpled smile as I sit back down. I give him a small smile of my own.

“I ordered you a fizzy drink,” Rose says, and I smile gratefully at her. “Well, Harry was just telling me that he needs someone to show him around the school next week,” She starts, “Louis can’t do it because he’s too busy,” she rolls her eyes at him and he laughs, “So I volunteered you. You’re fine with that?”

I blushed at the thought of escorted a good-looking guy around the school. “I can’t do that!” I say right away, then catch the puppy dog look from Harry.

“You don’t like me?” He asks, frowning.

“Um, no, it’s not that! Really! Okay, look, it’s just...um...”

“Saffy’s shy around people when they first meet,” Rose explains for me, “She’ll have to get used to it though, if she wants to make any friends!” She shoots me a glare and I stick my tongue out at her.

Louis laughed. “She’s sure comfortable around you.”

“That’s because we’re best friends!” Rose says happily and pulls me into a crushing hug.



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