One Way or Another

Jenkins Ocean is nothing but a trouble maker after her parent's death. She's at an orphanage since she's not 18 yet. Her dad's all-time best friend since high school -Simon- decides that he's interfering.

Taken in by Simon Cowell, she meets what seemed at first the pain in the ass called One Direction. They all seemed nice to her, everyone but bad boy Zayn, though Zayn's not really fond of her either.


36. Trouble and suburbs surprise


After I hung up, I was in tears again. I couldn’t believe I missed them all so much. I missed our fights and laughs and everything. I just wished they would come, but I knew that if they did, I would have to send them away, so it was no use. There was no way.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I walked to the door and found a little blond leprechaun in a hoodie and a hat. I just hugged him. We came in and I couldn’t stop the tears, though this time they were of joy.

“I thought you might know that we miss you and that Zayn was really confused by your call.” He said as we sat on a couch in the living room.

“How is he?”

“He had been really sad.”

“How did you find me?” I asked, curious of how he had found my house in the suburbs.

“I called Uncle Simon. Zayn’s coming, by the way.” That really took me by surprise.

“When?” I asked.

“I don’t know. We were taking the same flight, but he never made it to it.” He answered as he shrugged. I nodded.



We got home and while I packed, the lads were buying me a plane ticket to Glasgow. My life in that moment felt in slow motion. I finished packing and ran downstairs. Lou gave me a boarding pass and I took a cab to the airport.

Apart from the traffic, we weren't even halfway in the airport, when we hear a strange noise and we pulled over. Flat tire. It had to be that when I most needed to get to the airport, we got a flat tire.

After about half an hour when the driver was done changing the tire, which I almost changed myself, we were on our way to the airport.

I left my bag in the counter and ran to the boarding halls, but the woman from security just wouldn’t shut up! She wanted an autograph and a picture. It didn’t seem like much, but she just wouldn’t like the picture so we had to take it over and over again for about a hundred times. It was awful. Then, when I had finally made it through that woman, I find out I had lost my flight. Wasn’t it great? My despair to see Cupcake was growing with every second and I had to wait four hours to get into another plane to Glasgow.

After the flight, I was about to kill someone when we had to wait about half an hour to get out of the plane. Seriously, I almost jumped off. Running, I crossed the airport and took a cab to Uncle Si’s place. I paid the cab and ran towards the front door, which was locked. Could this day get any worse? I rang the doorbell and nobody would open. I decided to call, but there was no reply. I sighed and rang the doorbell again. This time, Marcus opened.

“She’s not here.” He just said. How did he know?

“Should I ask?” I asked and he laughed.

“I saw your interview. She called, didn’t she?” He asked and I nodded. “She moved out three days ago.” He said and game me her new address. We got into the car and he began driving. At an enormous gate, he stopped the car and reminded me the address. I nodded and jumped off.

I walked in and began looking for her street. I couldn’t really find it, but after a couple of people who asked where I was going, I found her house. I smiled and went to knock the door. An old woman answered the door. “What?” She asked.

“Is this number 123?” I asked, trying to play like I was really lost and confused.

“No.” She just answered and shut the door on my face.

I called Marcus, who wouldn’t stop laughing at me because her house was number 25. I hung up and sighed. I would never find her! I asked a few more people until I finally found –hopefully– the right house. I knocked again and begged for her to open the door.

And she did. I smiled and hugged her, trying to keep the tears from falling. We went inside, but I found something I had certainly not planned for. I had prepared a speech telling her that we could work things out and that she could move back with us, but everything I had been through today hadn’t been enough. It all had seemed a waste. Niall was there.

Cupcake was about to say something, but I cut her off. “No, save it. I had the worse day of my life trying to come to Glasgow to get you back, but you already have Niall. Just forget I ever came.” I said and stormed out of the house and called Marcus, who got drove me to the airport and soon enough I was sitting in a plane back to London.


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