One Way or Another

Jenkins Ocean is nothing but a trouble maker after her parent's death. She's at an orphanage since she's not 18 yet. Her dad's all-time best friend since high school -Simon- decides that he's interfering.

Taken in by Simon Cowell, she meets what seemed at first the pain in the ass called One Direction. They all seemed nice to her, everyone but bad boy Zayn, though Zayn's not really fond of her either.


19. Flowers and walk


I bought her flowers. I didn't know which ones to buy, so I got her lilies. I walked back to the hospital and Niall and Paul were at the waiting room outside Cupcake's room. They high-fived and I just rolled my eyes. "Aw, someone's got flowers for another someone!" Niall said.

"Shut up, leprechaun. I'm just being nice."

"Oh, young love." Paul sang.

"I only did it because fans asked me about her, aye?" I lied and sat down.

"Sure, Zayn." Paul said.

"If you say so." Said Niall with his mouth full.

The door opened and Louis and Harry came out. As soon as they saw me, Harry took a picture and Louis came closed and pinched mi cheek. "Back off, boat boy!" I said, slapping Lou's hand off my cheek.

"So what got you to buy her flowers?" Hazza asked.

"Fans asked me about her and I went to a flower stand to buy her flowers, but I only did it for the cover, alright?" I lied again.

Liam walked out and smiled when he saw the flowers. "Oh, Zayn, you're a gentleman." He said and I stood up and walked into her room.

"Fruit loop?" Cupcake asked.

"Yeah, hello." I said. I noticed how pale she was. "How are you?" I asked realizing I had been staring.

"I'm a little weak, but I'll get better." She answered, shrugging.

"You almost give Li a heart attack, you know?"

"Yeah, I already apologized. I didn't thought I'd pass out. I was just walking and I began feeling dizzy and when it got worse, I went to a café and called Liam and I just passed out." She explained. "You bought me flowers?"

"Nah, I stole them from a restaurant." I joked.

"What?" She asked, laughing.

"I'm kidding. I didn't know which ones you liked so I had to improvise." I explained.



Fruit loop had come with flowers for me. How weird. We talked and it turned out he was really funny! I actually had thought he'd stolen flowers from a restaurant.

About three hours passed and I was free to go. All the boys had been here with me, even Paul. We had lots of fun. We walked out of the hospital and lots of people were there waiting, I felt Fruit Loop's hand in mine. I smiled and felt really weird. Just a few days ago we were al pretending, but now we were friends.

We passed through the crowd and walked to the hotel, but we got lost. Paul said his inner compass said we had to swim, but we just turned around and began wandering through Venice.

"Liam, when are we-" I began, but I stopped myself when I realized none of the boys were there and neither was Paul! I turned to Zayn. "Where are they?" I asked him. He shrugged. I looked up it was night already and the weather was getting cold.

I began to tremble a little and I looked around looking for a restaurant or somewhere to crash and eat something when I felt something warm over me. It was Fruit loop's jacket.

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