One Way or Another

Jenkins Ocean is nothing but a trouble maker after her parent's death. She's at an orphanage since she's not 18 yet. Her dad's all-time best friend since high school -Simon- decides that he's interfering.

Taken in by Simon Cowell, she meets what seemed at first the pain in the ass called One Direction. They all seemed nice to her, everyone but bad boy Zayn, though Zayn's not really fond of her either.


12. Explanation and the real brain washer


Well, we didn't die, which I didn't really know if it was either a good or a bad thing. I was young, I had to live, but on the other side, I wouldn't be a bother to the boys anymore. Being here felt weird, like you are in a team you just don't fit, don't belong. I felt like I didn't belong here. I feel like I'm just a waste of space to them.

I sat on my bed and rubbed my face with my jacket sleeves, when I head a knock on my door. "Jen, it's Liam."

"Oh, come in." I said and Liam walked in. He sat next to me on the bed. "What's up?"

"I was wondering how had the walk been? Paul told me about the fans and the chase."

"I almost die! I don't know what would've happened to us if we hadn't seen them. We might be dead on the middle of a street or dumped in an alley or something." I said and Liam just laughed. "What are you laughing about? It's not funny!"

"You get used to it."

"Did you get used to it?"

"No, but they say you do get used to it." Liam answered. I just glared at him.

"What an awful answer." I just said. "Can't believe how deep advice you give, my god!" And we started laughing.

"Paul said you and Zayn didn't try to kill each other all the time, so I guess that's a good thing. What happened?"

"Liam, I love you, but you sound just like the woman from the orphanage. Maybe you're worse." He just glared at me. "Well, it turns out I'm the Washington Brain Washer. Bad boy calls me that, I guess I deserve it. So anyway, we walked to the store and" I had a mental debate against myself about whether telling him about the cigarettes or not. I chose not. "Zayn bought his stuff and we went to a park and we didn't yell at each other and then the fans started running towards us and we started running and we had to jump the wall of an alley and they almost eat Paul and then we had to jump off the wall and run to the house and Niall wouldn't open the door."

"Niall wouldn't open the door?" He asked.

"Yeah, the little leprechaun just sang 'who is it?' and they were getting closer and Bad boy said 'Me, Paul and Brain Washer' and Niall asked 'Brain who?' and I swear I was going to kill him with a four leaved clover."

"What? Where did you get that?"

"The movie 'Leprechaun'." I answered, looking away.

He just laughed. "So, I think you and Zayn can really be friends."

"Yeah, maybe. As soon as I stop being the Brain Washer!"

"Talk to him."

"Yeah, how about this, 'Zaynie, I was wondering if I could stop being the Brain Washer to you even though I'm brain washing you right now so that works'? Did you like that?" I asked.

He just sighed and rolled his eyes as he stood up and walked to the door. "Niall and I are going to Nando's for dinner. Do you want to come?"

"No, thanks. I think I'll just stay here to perfect my brain washing skills."

He laughed. "Just don't kill each other."

"I can't promise anything." I said as Liam closed the door.

My mind went back to the chase. Bad boy could've left me there, but he even helped me up the wall and down. Maybe Liam was right and we could be friends. After all, he had helped me with the cigarettes and we hadn't killed each other on the park. Then, something hit me, not literally.

And Bad boy dared calling me the Brain Washer? Liam was! He had been brain washing us into being nice to each other! He was so busted!

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