One Way or Another

Jenkins Ocean is nothing but a trouble maker after her parent's death. She's at an orphanage since she's not 18 yet. Her dad's all-time best friend since high school -Simon- decides that he's interfering.

Taken in by Simon Cowell, she meets what seemed at first the pain in the ass called One Direction. They all seemed nice to her, everyone but bad boy Zayn, though Zayn's not really fond of her either.


16. Drunken fights and secrets at Harry's


So Fruit loop and me –yeah, I’m calling him that from now on. Bye bye, Bad boy– were walking back to the hotel by seven o’clock. The walk back had been awfully long, since we had got lost about six times. But he said ‘no, cupcake, it’s this way!’ and we was wrong!

So, we took the elevator and got into our room. Fruit loop was taking a shower when there was a knock on the door. I opened and it was Liam. He came inside and we went to the terrace.

“How was your gondola ride?” he asked.

“Hideous! He kept complaining about how much things I carried along in my bag, which he didn’t even have to carry and about his awfully uncomfortable shoes. The only good thing was when this totally random girl threw him into the water.”

“A girl threw Zayn into the water?”

“Yeah. We had to act like a couple, but I really couldn’t help but laugh. Then we decided what loving nicknames we would have. He’s Fruit loop and I’m cupcake.” I explained and Liam just raised an eyebrow. “He chose them.” We both laughed. “They wanted us to kiss.”

Liam stopped laughing and looked at me. “And you did?”

“Of course not! The girl throwing Fruit loop into the water saved me from that.”

“Well, change of topic. We’re going to Harry’s Bar. Tell Fruit loop.”

“Do I really have to?” I asked. I didn’t really want to be with him. A full day had been enough.

“You can stay, if you want.” Liam answered, shrugging. “I just thought you’d like some company.”

“I meant telling Fruit loop.”



I walked out of the bathroom after a delicious shower. I was clean again. Yay! I smelled fresh! Then, after my clean dance, I spotted that the terrace door was open. I saw Li and Cupcake talking. I began to get closer, but I stopped when I heard her say “…telling Fruit loop.”

Tell me what? What did she have to tell me? I took some steps forward until I was behind them. “Tell me what?” I asked.

Cupcake and Li looked at each other and then Cupcake said “That we’re all going to Harry’s Bar, so you have to hurry.”

I didn’t really believe it, but I went with it. “Oh, yeah, I’ll just grab my phone.”

Cupcake was hiding something and Li knew it. I needed to know what it was because I was somehow involved.

We walked towards Harry’s Bar. Before we all sat on the table, I grabbed Li by his t-shirt and dragged him out of the place. “Zayn, what the bloody hell was that?”

“What was that about Cupcake telling me something?”

“I don’t know. She was going to tell me when you interrupted.” Li went past me and back inside.

I went back in and sat next to cupcake. We decided to order some drinks, except for Cupcake, who was under aged and Liam, who never drinks. I ordered a Sweet Annie, one of the house drinks. It had vodka.



Fruit loop was already drunk after the fifth drink. He was rapping about Santa Clause and suddenly he stood up on the table and it broke! He fell on Paul. Out of nowhere, he began being really mean. He wanted to fight Harry, but Paul held him back. Liam stood up and told me to go with him. We went back to the hotel and into my room.

“Liam, what is wrong with that dumbo?”

“Alcohol gets the worse out of him. Just like trips. And both combined, things like that tend to happen. But it’s not very common, I promise.”

“Why did you do this, Liam?”

“I brought you here so we could deal with him, but he’ll be fine.”

“No, I meant why did you make up this relationship? Why him?”

“Because I know that you two are perfect for each other, you just need a little push to realize it. I know we might have gone a little too far, but I can tell that something is going to happen between you two.”

“Yeah, one of us is going to end up drowned in the ocean.”

“Jen, I know that you and Zayn are perfect for each other. You both think you are strong enough to handle things on your own, but you are not and as you feel the same, you can help one another realize things. Though, you are different in many ways. Zayn’s down to earth, but he needs a little push to do things out of line, to experiment. And you need someone to keep you inside the line, to have a routine and stay focused.” I was speechless. What? Fruit loop and I were certainly not made for each other! “Think about it. I have to go help the lads with Zayn.”

Liam went out and I changed into my PJs. I brushed my teeth and looked at my improvised bed. Hell, no! He got drunk, he looses the bed.

I was falling asleep, when I heard the door slam open and then shut. I opened my eyes and saw Fruit loop, who was yelling something. Liam was trying to calm him down, just like Paul. “Shhh!” You’ll wake up Jen!” Liam said.

“Well, I couldn’t care less. She’s nothing but a pain in the ass. Her parents are bloody lucky to be dead so they have to deal with her. But we do. And why? Because Uncle Si pitied her. And now I have to deal with her.”

I buried my face deep on the pillows and covered my face under the covers. I began crying my heart out. Then, I heard more yelling. I looked at them and I saw Fruit loop had blood coming out from his mouth and Paul trying to separate Liam from the drunken idiot that Fruit loop was.

“Enough, Liam.” Paul said and Liam walked out and shut the door closed. Paul carried Zayn to the bathroom. I thought he must have put him on the tub because he walked out of there without Fruit loop and walked out of the room, silently closed the door.

I cried my heart out. I really wanted to die. Was I really that bad? Was I really that annoying? Had my parents really loved me? I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t help but think about what my parents would think of me. I hoped that was a good thing. I wished I was the one who was dead instead of them.

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