One Way or Another

Jenkins Ocean is nothing but a trouble maker after her parent's death. She's at an orphanage since she's not 18 yet. Her dad's all-time best friend since high school -Simon- decides that he's interfering.

Taken in by Simon Cowell, she meets what seemed at first the pain in the ass called One Direction. They all seemed nice to her, everyone but bad boy Zayn, though Zayn's not really fond of her either.


33. Date 4 and heart breaks


I fell asleep last night thinking about how Fruit loop had left suddenly and his kiss goodnight. I couldn't quite understand what was happening. What was Louis really doing and what was I really doing? What if after this it was even harder to go to Glasgow? I seemed to absentmindedly have taken the risk.

There was a knock on my door. Uncle Simon peeked his head through the door and said Louis was here. Then he left. I got up and went into the living room, where Louis was watching some TV. He turned to me. "Please have a seat." He said as he patted the space next to him on the couch. I sighed and sat next to him. "I don't know what you are doing, Jen."

"What I am doing? You're the one who's been planning everything! What are you doing?"

"I'm helping you. When you left Venice, Zayn was devastated. He wasn't going out of his room, he slept all day and who knows what he did all night. I'm not blaming you, you didn't know. But you kind of broke him, you know?" He said and I couldn't answer. How could I answer? What would I answer? 'Oh, well, maybe you should've thought about that before making up a fake relationship'? "You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know that he's been really happy since the beginning of Lasagna Plan. But he's worried, though. He worries you might not love him. We know you do, so we don't worry about that. What we worry about," Louis said, making me feel the guiltiest person in the universe. "Is about you leaving him if you go back to Glasgow."

"Lou, I don't know what to say-" I started, but he cut me off.

"Don't say anything. Just don't break him too hard. Uncle Si told me you are leaving." He said and began walking towards the door. He opened it and turned to me. "You're having a picnic. Liam's making sandwiches. Be ready in an hour."

Louis left me there, by myself and my mind started searching for memories where me and Fruit loop were together after Venice. But even if I loved him, I had to go to Glasgow.

An hour later, I was ready. I was watching some TV, when I heard the door open. I saw it was Fruit loop. I turned off the TV and we walked outside. We walked silently, none of us saying a word. When we reached a park, I spotted the boys making two picnics. Liam and Harry were putting a blanket on the grass and Louis and Niall were placing some baskets near the blankets. We reached them and Louis pointed at the red blanket and we sat there. Plates and cups were placed there, and a bottle of apple juice was also there. "Enjoy." Niall and Louis said.

We talked and ate the sandwiches that Liam made. They were great. "How's everything?" Louis asked. I rolled my eyes and we all laughed.

"Let them be, Lou!" Liam yelled at him. Louis went back to his picnic and Fruit loop laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"I just thought about how Lou made all this. Though I'm not really sure it's worth it." He said looking down.



So yeah, I told her the truth. What if everything hadn't really been worth it? I was taking the risk.

"What do you mean?" Cupcake asked me.

"I mean I don't really know how you feel about me. I don't know a lot of things, but I know that you make me feel happy."

"Zayn, stop." She said.

"You used my name." I whispered, looking at her.

"Louis talked to me in the morning. He told me that you're afraid I might go back to Glasgow and leave you. I don't want to leave you, but I have to go to Glasgow." She said. I noticed the boys were packing up all their things and go back to our flat.

"Why?" I asked. I needed to know.

"I just have to. Louis said you were worried I don't love you. But I do." She explained.

"That means you're not leaving?"

"That means I have to leave. I leave because I love you."

What was that supposed to mean? "I don't understand." I stuttered.

"I'm sorry, Zayn." She said and she stood up and ran back to her flat. I just stood there. The lads came, but I couldn't move. They took all the things for the picnic. I stood up and began wandering through the Spanish streets.

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