One Direction's Girl

Melanie Rogers has had a pretty normal life...until she met1D. As she get to know each boy better and falls more deeply in love with them, she realizes that she will have to choose one. But do they love her back? Who will Melanie choose: Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, or Zayn?


9. Chapter 9

**next day, in first class**

"Alright, usually this would be an individual assignment, and it will be for most of you. But because Melanie is new, she will be assigned a partner to work with by me. Louis, you will work with Melanie. Everyone else, this is an individual assignment, so there should be no talking. Louis and Melanie, you may work in the hall so you don't distract any one. Begin! And remember, 100% silent!" Mr.Clark instructed. Louis and I went into the hall to work.


This happened in every other class I had today. In Mrs.Jenkin's I worked with Zayn, in Mr. Malonis' I worked with Niall, in Mrs. Steele's I worked with Curly (oh, irony), and finally, with Liam in Mrs.Barl's. This actually helped me a lot, I got to know the boys so much better. It was really great. 

Turns out Niall is more obsessed with food than I thought. Also, Zayn checks himself in the mirror at last ten times a day and Liam always did press-ups before each performance to calm himself. Curly flips his hair a lot (this was noted when he hit me in the face repeatedly). Louis is considered "small" by Curly. It was a very interesting experience. 

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