One Direction's Girl

Melanie Rogers has had a pretty normal life...until she met1D. As she get to know each boy better and falls more deeply in love with them, she realizes that she will have to choose one. But do they love her back? Who will Melanie choose: Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, or Zayn?


8. Chapter 8

**thank you Bella126 for this amazing idea. I guess i'll continue writing cuz u guys want me to... Keep suggesting I really have no idea what I'm doing now and I've also started another movella called Love Me. Thank you guys love ya!**


*after last class*

"hey uh, Mel, we were wondering if you uh, wanted to come over to our flat with us and, um, hang...out?"Zayn asked me nervously. "Sure! Thanks Zaynie!" I kissed his cheek. "Zaynie?" He looked confused. "Well, you're Zaynie, Curly's, uh, Curly, and I'm still working on the rest of the nick names." Niall came from behind me. "You can call me Nialler, love." He said. " Nialler then." I kissed his cheek. " so are you coming over?" Liam appeared by my side. I nodded. He told me that was great. When all the boys knew I agreed the were grinning like crazy. I giggled. Then they all freaked out over how cute my giggle was. I just smiled and blushed. 

"So we'll pick you up at your flat then?" Louis said. I agreed. Then they all argued about who would pick me up. I took this time to sneak away all ninja like. Only Liam noticed. He smiled and jerked his head slightly telling me to leave while I could. I smiled at him and mouthed thanks. Then I slipped away. 



from Curly: where did you go?! Are you still coming over?! Please don't hate me. :P

to Curly: to my house. Yes. I don't. And the answers to the homework are: x plus y equals 10.66666666666666, The Seven Years War, and Yes,Suburgatory is on tonite

from Curly: thank you for those wonderful answers. I only know what half of them mean. What is a Suburgatory?

to Curly: what???!!! It's only the best telly show in the whole world!

from Curly: maybe we can watch together some time. :) I'll be at your flat in a few minutes. 

to Curly: ah, g2g! Bye!!

from Curly: bye babe;)

*done texting*



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