One Direction's Girl

Melanie Rogers has had a pretty normal life...until she met1D. As she get to know each boy better and falls more deeply in love with them, she realizes that she will have to choose one. But do they love her back? Who will Melanie choose: Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, or Zayn?


6. Chapter 6

Finally, I arrived in front of Mr.Clark's door.  Of course all for boys followed me here the whole way. And they didn't make one noise the time. I turned and glared at them, especially Curly, then walked into the class. I walked to the back corner and sat down. The boys followed suit. Looking up, I realized everyone was staring at me. They quickly turned away and began to whisper to each other, noticing my look. 

"Hey."Liam nudged me."Are you alright?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "It just looked like you were crying before." He informed me. "No, I had to walk all the way here in the rain. I was not crying." He looked out the window, then at me. I whipped my head around and saw it was bright and sunny, like the rain never happened. He didn't believe me. This was so, so, so not my day. I gestured to my still dripping hair. Liam shrugged and turned away.

Classes were really slow. Finally, it was time for canteen. I had no idea where to sit. I awkwardly stood in the doorway. I was scanning the canteen looking for an empty spot to sit when I saw Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam waving at me. I grabbed my tray and walked over to them. "So...where's Curly?" I looked at Zayn. "CURLY?!" Louis screamed. "Louis!" The boys hissed. I bursted out laughing. After staring at me for some time as I cracked up Niall, Zayn and Liam began to chuckle. Then we were laughing so hard our faces had turned red and we had tears streaming down our faces. Out of no where, Harry sat next to me and we all stopped laughing at once. "What?" Harry asked. I wiped my face. "Are you okay?" Harry said. "Curly." Louis whimpered. Suddenly we were all laughing but Harry. "What?! What is so FUNNY?!" He roared. "CURLY!" Louis screamed, his voice cracking and we laughed even harder. "Yes, Louis! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Harry was full on yelling. "He responded! He responded! Curly!!!!" Niall shouted. " oh, you thinks that funny do you, mate?" Harry began to grin. We all nodded, not able to talk from laughing so hard. Harry began to laugh along with us.

" So where have you been, Curly?" I asked Harry. " snogging some poor girl most likely." Zayn replied. I looked at Harry and raised my eyebrow. He blushed and grinned sheepishly. My mouth hit the floor and Niall grinned. "You're kidding right?" I questioned Zayn. " No, he's right." Liam cracked a smile. I sighed and got up. "Hey where are you going, my little carrot?" Louis said. " to dispose of my rubbish" I said in high-pitched voice. "My little carrot? What is that supposed to mean?" I muttered under my breath as I walk to the rubbish can. I heard the boys snickering behind me. They must have heard what I said. I came back and pulled my timetable of of my pocket. I had Mrs.Steele next. " ooh, you'll love Mrs.Steele" Harry leaned into my shoulder. " was that an insult, Curly?" I asked. "Maybe" he replied. I groaned at the same time the bell rang signaling canteen was finished. Oh joy.

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