One Direction's Girl

Melanie Rogers has had a pretty normal life...until she met1D. As she get to know each boy better and falls more deeply in love with them, she realizes that she will have to choose one. But do they love her back? Who will Melanie choose: Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, or Zayn?


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to my alarm clock playing WMYB. I loooooove these boys!!! I thought. I hit the snooze button and rolled out of my bed and stumbled into my bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and and long dirty blonde hair. Walking into my closet I put on a grey long sleeved shirt and dark jeans. I hated bright, girly colors. Pink gives me shivers. I put on some minimal make-up and thumped down stairs.

i put some toast in the toaster and grabbed a tea bag for my tea. Ever since we moved to Liverpool I've had a tea addiction.

"Mel-Mel!"a high pitched voice squealed from behind me.

"Chelsea Girl!" I turned and scooped up my baby sister. She bounced up and down, making her dark curls spring around her heart-shaped face. I grinned at her as I got my toast and tea. Chelsea, who's three years old, looked nothing like me. With her dark curls and brown eyes, she was the spitting image of my mum.  I had long, strait, dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes. I wonder sometimes if I'm adopted. I quickly kissed my sister on the cheek and got up to get ready for school. It was my first day at my school and I knew absolutely no one.

"Bye!" I shouted before I closed the front door. It was raining. No bike, car or any way for me to stay somewhat dry on the way to school. It was just my luck. Stepping out from the cover of the porch, I began to run to school. 

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