Since The Beginning

Logan Marie Stadder is a huge name throughout Europe. You see her everywhere. Harry Edward Styles. Also a huge name, and seen all throughout Europe. What happens when two worlds collide and Logan finds out that Harry has been a fan, Since The Beginning. (Like I've said before, I suck at descriptions. Better than it sounds. :P)


1. Twitter

"Give me the remote!" I yelled, trying to take it away from Louis, failing to do so because I was being held back by the others.


"No! I wanna pick what we watch!" He whined like a little kid. Then again, he always acted like a little kid. That's why we love him.


"So do I! I promise that tomorrow you can pick. I swear it." I crossed over my heart. I don't usually get the clicker, so I was reluctant when he agreed.


"Fine!" He pouted, giving in. The boys released me and I relaxed as Lou handed me the clicker. I smiled in satisfaction. He really thought he would actually get it tomorrow? Hah, yeah right.


I flipped through the channels, stopping when I saw that my favorite show was on. I changed it quickly and blushed because it had my favorite crush in it.


Logan Marie Stadder.


She was gorgeous, and a quadruple threat. Dancer, singer, actress, and model. She was absolutely perfect, but I was almost positive that she didn't even know of my existence.


Her long, dirty blonde, wavy hair flowing right above her belly button, accompanied by her diamond belly button ring. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in the light, and her vibrant pink lips so soft and supple, giving me the urge to kiss them, even though I couldn't considering I'd never met her. It's been my dream to meet he, has been for 13 years. I'd watched her on the telly since the beginning of her career. She'd started when she was five, and I'd been there ever since.


Call me a stalker, but I knew every little thing about her. I couldn't help it. She was born on December 24th 1995, at 6:03 a.m., in Saint Francis Private Hospital, Ballinderry, Mullingar, Ireland. She's 5 foot 6, almost 5 foot 7. Her favorite food is hamburgers withh just ketchup and diced up, fried onions. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite drink is Orange Fanta. Her favorite movie is the newer version of 21 Jumpstreet. Her favorite band is Guns N' Roses. She is terrified of cinemas and spiders. Her biggest turn off is when guys make fun of others just to make themselves feel good. Her shoe size is a 7 in womens. The list goes on and on, but I'll stop here for times' sake.


"Oooooohhhhh!!!!" Liam cooed. "It's Hawwy's wittle cwushy wushy!"


"Shut up! I can't help that she's so hot!" I defended. I pulled out my phone, Tweeting from my fan account for her. Yes, I made a fan account for her, but no one knows it's me.


'Watching "Life Goes On", starring the one and only, @Logan_Stadder! Lover her so much! x.' And.... Tweet!


My fan account name is @IrishBeauty and my name is'Logan Marie Stadder Fans'


I went from 21.9k to 48k. What's going on? I checked my newsfeed and saw why.


I squealed, kind of like a little girl, but manlier, jumping up and happy dancing.


"Calm down, mate. What happened?" Zayn asked.


"She's following me! Logan's freaking following me!" I couldn't contain my excitement. I felt as if I was going to explode at any second.


"Seriously? That's great! Is it your real one or fan?" Lou raised an eyebrow when I didn't answer immediately.


"Fan..." I mumbled, barely a whisper. "But she's still following me!" I counter attacked.


My phone buzzed and my eyes popped at what I saw. I quickly unlocked my phone, not believing my eyes.


'@IrishBeauty Thanks, babe! I love you too! And I'm sure you're more beautiful! <3 xx.'


I blushed. I'm a guy, and she just assumed I was a girl... Can you say awkward?


"It gets better! She just tweeted me!" I took a screenshot of the tweet and the thing where it said that she was following me. I passed my phone around so they could see.


They all burst out into a fit of laughter "What's so funny?"


"She called you a girl!" Zayn laughed. I glared at him.


"Nuh-uh! A guy can be 'beautiful'!" I argued.


"Whatever!" He rolled his eyes, still chuckling.


Niall was the only one who hasn't said anything, and stared blankly at the wall.


I snatched my phone away from the others who were still in fits of laughter.


"What's wrong?" I go and sit by Niall, making sure everything's okay.


"I just... I just feel uncomfortable with the way you talk about her..." He shifted awkwardly in his seat.


"Why? Do you like her too?"


"No! No, no, no! That's gross!"


"How so?" I asked, getting offended as my inner fangirl, ahem, I mean, my inner fanman came out. "She's beautiful!"


"She's... She's my cousin, man!"




"I said she's my cousin!"


"How come you never told me? Can I meet her please? Is that why you never let me go to your family reunions? Come on man, please?" I begged, practically falling on my knees.


"Okay! Okay! Only if you agree to not freak her out, and stop talking about her like that around me, It really grosses me out. Yeah, she's beautiful, but she's family and it's really creepy that you're obsessed with my cousin." He shuddered.


I screamed and jumped around like our Directioners do at a concert. This was going to be the best time of my life! "Wait. When do I meet her?"


"This weekend my family is having a reunion, and word in the household's that she's coming." He smirked.


I had three days to figure out how to win her over.


Game on.


A/N: Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Really? Another one?" And the answer is, yes another one! Like I said on my 'Mumbles', I have written many fanfics that are just sitting lonely in the notes portion of my iPod, so I'm posting a few. Let me know what you guys think. Fan, favorite, like, and comment! And the part where I said that she is afraid of cinemas (movie theatres) and spiders is actually a true fact about me. I am absolutely terrified of the movies, but I'm still going to the "1D3D This Is Us" movie. It'll totally be worth it. And my oldest brothers' girlfriend is coming down this weekend! (She lives in another state) We both obsess over Nutella together! I will try to update my other stories tonight, as well. If I don't, I will tomorrow since I have no classes. I want an apple, but they're too far away. :( Sad day. Anywho, this is way to long, if you read this comment, 'Nutella is the bestest!' Night, my Lilies! <3 xx



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