Since The Beginning

Logan Marie Stadder is a huge name throughout Europe. You see her everywhere. Harry Edward Styles. Also a huge name, and seen all throughout Europe. What happens when two worlds collide and Logan finds out that Harry has been a fan, Since The Beginning. (Like I've said before, I suck at descriptions. Better than it sounds. :P)


2. I Don't Know What to Name This Chapter...

Logans POV

I went through my mentions and decided to follow a few fans. One caught my eye, it was a fan that tweeted me many times, every day by a fan account. Man, I had the best fans ever.


I looked through their Tweets, where they had lots of updates about me.


'Don't forget Loganators! The Grey Lilies tour starts soon, beginning in her home town, and going to America! I hope I can go to her concert! x.'


This fan was so sweet, so I followed and tweeted them.


My tour for my new album, 'Grey Lilies', started in about a month. Meanwhile, I was going to a family reunion soon!


I couldn't wait to see my family! I heard my cousin Niall is in a famous band, One Director I think it's called.


I always knew he had it in him! He was an amazing singer.


I decided to look them up. I went to Safari on my mobile, searching 'One Director'.


"Did you mean One Direction?" I whispered aloud, reading off of the screen of my cell phone.


Oh, I guess I did.


I clicked the suggestion and it immediately sent me to a lot of things.


I looked at the pictures and automatically recognised my cousin.


He had cute bandmates and he was as handsome as always. I decided to watch their videos.


Hmm.... The video diaries? Okay. I watched them and they were hilarious.


Niall's laugh was still definitely contagious, just as I remembered. Louis was hilarious, Liam was serious and funny at the same time, Zayn was quite shy and mysterious, but also funny, and Harry was flirty and funny. All of them were absolutely hilarious.


I finished watching the video diaries and moved on to the interviews.


I was halfway through one, when a certain something happened.


"So, Harry. Who's your celebrity crush?" The interviewer asked.


"I have quite a few, erm, but if you made me pick my biggest crush, it's easy. Hands down, Logan Stadder."


My breath hitched in my throat. He had a crush on me?


"Tell us about it!" Pushed the interviewer.


"Oh! We hear about it nonstop, everywhere! 'Oh! There's a shoe! It reminds me of the one that she wore in her her London Fashion Week shoot!'" Louis immitated Harry.


Harry reddened in the face, and I couldn't help but giggle. "Shut up!" He smacked a laughing Louis, who mocked hurt."Well, I've been with her since her career began. Way back when she was 5, leaving me 6 or 7. I was checking the channels and it said that there was a premier of a new show. When it came on, she was in it and I've been a fan ever since. She's gorgeous and a great singer and dancer. She's also a brilliant actress. What is there not to love about her?"


"So if we were to give you a trivia game about her, you are saying you could win?"


"Absolutely! Number one Loganator right here!" The audience roared with clapping and whistles.


"Well, we just so happen to have a trivia about her right here. How about we give it a go?"


"Bring it on!" He replied with confidence.


Sure enough, he got all of them right. Wow.


"Okay, maybe I underestimated you!"


"Oh, yes!"


"So, have you ever met her?"


"No, but it's always been my dream."


"So, kinda just like giving a hint. Logan, if you're watching this, help the poor kid out! And her agency, you know what to do." They wiggled their eyebrows and winked at the camera.


I giggled. I had just seen this, it's a little late now. This was like a year ago. I doubt he still likes me.


"Yes! Listen to her!" He pointed to the interviewer. The audience laughed along with the rest of One Direction.


The interviewer finished off the interview and stayed up all night (A/N: ;) No pun intended!) watching their videos.


A/N: So, I know that this is an extremely short, boring chapter, but the next will be longer. Promise. It's only 6:40 pm, so I might update my other stories tonight, as for right now, I need to eat. :) If you read this, comment "I'm craving tomato soup" <-- I am actually craving tomato soup, so I might just eat that and a grilled cheese sandwich! Good afternoon, my Lilies! <3 xx


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