unknowable location

images of our ilk
and destination


1. unknowable location

callous, limited

starved straying

from the overcrowded pathways

guarded and treasured illusions

that lack lingering flat

pins aligned from spines  to space

that fail or succeed to refract the light of destiny? of dreams? of beings we bestow the title divinity?

consoling   constellations

consecrating our condition or very well condemning it

unseen parasites feeding on ghost hosts

the pining squalor of ghouls gobbling garbage

the indulgent luxuries of statues of expert craft

with hormonal perfumes freshly exuded by the hour

and the skins of reformed demons mottled with misconduct

the taste of dust mirrors all things, all time

and fallen stars are swallowed hard

into the guts of a guilt ridden god

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